Try to get famous with Social Media?


It’s the NOW and the future of marketing

With out a doubt social media can help you promote yourself and a product. But a lot of people mis use social media. If you want to get famous or get a lot of likes, content is a key factor in determining your success. Your content was be filled with passion and be intriguing. If you don’t create interesting content, you are going no where. For more helpful tips, check out this article:


4 thoughts on “Try to get famous with Social Media?

  1. It’s amazing to think of all of the individuals or organizations that have received recognition or fame from social media! As a big fan of YouTube, I can think of countless examples of users that have gotten their fifteen minutes of fame from making extremely viral videos!

  2. I’m not sure it’s quite as easy as puts it. For example they mention ‘following the footsteps of Bieber and Psy’. Since social media/branding hasn’t exactly become a precise science yet, it’s hard to say what makes people famous or not. It’s important to realize that content is key though, as you’ve mentioned. Readers, bloggers, and people on social media platforms have short attention spans and if something doesn’t catch their eye rapidly, you can sionora to whatever content you’re trying to publicize.

  3. According to Mary Meeker of KPCB, consumer adoption of Android smartphones is increasing 6x faster than iPhone adoption ( This is definitely a mind boggler for most, considering Apple is the number one company in the world, today. This is a drastic increase, considering Android was up only 4x this past May. It will be interesting to track the upcoming months of Androids growth. Assuming that both Android and iOS maintain the same rate of growth, 7 months from now (July 2013) Android will be up 50%, making Android smartphones growth patterns 9x faster than the iPhone.

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