The World is Going Mobile


Mobile devices are everywhere. On any given day, you can see people engrossed in their mobile phone, small children entertained by the latest games on a tablet, or even businesses using iPads to demonstrate a product and complete a transaction.

“There’s no denying that more of us are using mobile devices, and that it’s changing the way we not only communicate, but live.”

Over the last decade, there has been a re-invention of computing devices and user interfaces. Technology has progressed from desktops and notebooks to smartphones and tablets. Mice and keyboards are no longer needed to navigate an interface – simply touch, speak, or gesture. This shift in the way that we as consumers view technology and information has resulted in all things digital age. Mary Meeker demonstrates proof of this in her latest presentation entitled “Internet Trends”.

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook states,

“We hope to rewire the way people spread and consume information… We think a more open and connected world will help create a stronger economy with more authentic businesses that build better products and services”

As technology continues to progress, a desire to interact and communicate through mobile devices has increased. Although it appears that the majority have already joined the digital age and begun using a smartphone, only about one in every five people is a smartphone user. Not only does this demonstrate that the mobile revolution is well underway, there is still plenty of room for it to continue to expand.

Meeker named the top 5, eye opening stats as follows:

  1. Nearly half of all American kids want an iPad for Christmas.
  2. Global mobile traffic now represents roughly 13% of Internet traffic.
  3. Nearly a third of all American adults own a tablet or e-reader.
  4. There are 5 billion mobile phone users in the world, but only 1 billion smartphone users. 
  5. Android is growing faster than anything.

Such drastic changes in technology have created a shift in the way that we communicate and conduct business. The future is rapidly becoming digitally driven and “asset light”, and as technology continues to progress, businesses should insure that they are able to communicate with their customers in an “all things mobile” world.

3 thoughts on “The World is Going Mobile

  1. Going back to the comment made today in class and my childhood, I didn’t get a cellphone until i was 14 years old. Now children as young as 2 years old to 5 years of age want an iPad and then even know how to use it! With out a doubt mobile devices is the future, will TV’s go out of date? Great article, the future is “rapidly becoming digitally driven”.

  2. According to Mary Meeker of KPCB, consumer adoption of Android smartphones is increasing 6x faster than iPhone adoption ( This is definitely a mind boggler for most, considering Apple is the number one company in the world, today. This is a drastic increase, considering Android was up only 4x this past May. It will be interesting to track the upcoming months of Androids growth. Assuming that both Android and iOS maintain the same rate of growth, 7 months from now (July 2013) Android will be up 50%, making Android smartphones growth patterns 9x faster than the iPhone.

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