5 Awesome Steps to Creating Brand Content


Are you looking for answers to building more brand content that is both effective and unique? Look no further, here are 5 steps to creating brand content http://www.fastcocreate.com/1682078/dont-forget-the-awesome-5-steps-to-creating-brand-content that are general enough to fit any and all brands no matter how small or how big the company is.

It is all about “creating and curating content” creating content that is engaging to the consumer that remain timeless. Follow these simple steps to stay in the game:

1.Use social listening to understand your audience.

2. Create a feedback loop to leverage successful and limit failures

3. Incorporate stock and flow

4. Consider a technology partner to surface relevant content

5. Add context or a different point of view

Don’t be left behind, get with the times in strengthening your brand today. In the words of Rosie Siman (Author of Dont Forget the awesome 5 steps to creating brand content) “Let’s begin bringing back magic and finding the awesome!”

5 thoughts on “5 Awesome Steps to Creating Brand Content

  1. Since mentioned in class, this is something I’ve been paying more attention to, especially on my Facebook feed. I’m definitely more attracted to brands that have useful and relevant content. It’s interesting that only about 38% of marketers have a content plan… how could that be? Businesses with strong content such as Apartment Therapy really have a strong influence over its users. The key is to tap into a content that is unique and personalized. The feedback loop is also necessary for user participation. I’m interested to look further into social media content of some of my favorite businesses to see what they have to say !

  2. you also have to make sure that your content does not offend anyone and avoid getting in Facebook or Twitter arguments over politics to prevent your brand from demising. With Facebook and Twitter you have to make sure every thing you do in public you are OK with your grandma and grandchildren finding out.

  3. Number 5 on the list is an interesting concept. “Add context or a different point of view.” People like to see examples relevant to the examples explained on social platforms. For example, “Red is a great color to get him to notice you.” Does this mean red lipstick… red nail polish… red clothing? Showing visual information may help. Also providing another view can help make your point more valid. “Yellow is known to create apprehensiveness.” While this is a take on another color, it proves that perhaps wearing that yellow sweater on the first date may not be the best choice!

  4. I think the hardest part about these 5 is creating “stock” (number 3). It seems “lasting” content on Facebook is very rare to come by.

  5. This is a great article and the tips are actually useful. As someone who is trying to get his own project and brand more awareness this is a great guide on what to do. I agree with chstevens that creating content that will resonate with users is the difficult part.

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