Social Media and the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of year… for consumers. For marketers and businesses it can be daunting. Consumers are overwhelmed with ads, promotions, and deals. Even more so now thanks to the internet and social media; shoppers can shop and compare faster, and quickly move from brand to brand without giving it much thought. So how do you make your brand stand out through social media during the holidays?

I found an article with some 60 tips that can help brands not only manage, but be successful during the holiday season. I’ve outlined the ones I thought were the most interesting and creative. But you can see all of the tips here.

One of the tips I thought was pretty cool was creating a holiday microsite. This goes beyond coming up with a holiday logo or adding a holiday theme to your social media sites. This is actually creating a mini-site off of your main site with just holiday ideas, advice, specials, etc. You would of course have to have it easily accessible for consumers through your webpage, Facebook, and Twitter; but I think it is a great one-stop idea that makes consumers’ holiday treasures easier to find. This could probably only work for larger companies who have the inventory, manpower, money, and time to create the site. Plus, once the site is created it can be used for each holiday every year.

Another interesting idea brought up is bringing social media into the actual brick and mortar stores. We kind of touched on this in class the other day, and how retailers aren’t too fond of customers taking pictures. But if the store itself were to actually set up the camera for customers to use, they have a little more control. This would also guarantee that the photos would make it to the actual social media pages.

There were also several ideas involving Christmas morning. Including taking pictures of before and after of the Christmas tree and presents, picture of outside through the window, and favorite Christmas gifts. This get the consumers visually active and it lets them know that you still care about them even when the holiday rush is coming to an end.

11 thoughts on “Social Media and the Holidays

  1. A social media website that is trying to get involved during the holiday season is Pintrest. The social media website launched a event called “the 30 days of Pinspiration”. This started before thanksgiving and ends on January 4th. Each day the website promotes a website that has tips on holiday gifts, decorations, food and saving money.

  2. This is a very fun topic and I’m glad you chose to cover it! When looking through the rest of the list, I thought it was very creative of the author to address other holidays rather than just Christmas. I really liked their idea of hiding discount codes in YouTube videos and in other channels – involved consumers really enjoy a scavenger hunt-like event because it makes purchasing the product more of an experience and rewarding. I also really liked the idea of giving consumers the opportunity to remember the day by creating a photo opportunity for them in-store. Customers are now more willing and likely to share photos through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, creating more buzz for a company.

  3. I really liked the tips here for making it through the holiday season! I think that this is especially important for handling the increased traffic that most websites and stores see during the month or so leading up to Christmas. A lot of companies could really benefit from using these tips to make their shopping experiences more valuable to customers. Plus using ideas like contests and consumer input can really make the difference when it comes to a person feeling like a “part” of the brand and truly making it their own, which is extremely important today.

  4. I like one tip was to create a microsite. I think this is a very good idea because I know that when I don’t have ideas for a gift I often look at websites under their gift section. Especially during Christmas I feel like this separate website would be very useful. Also pinterest has kind of done this with their 30 Days of Pinspiration. This is where you can click on a day and visit a featured person or companies board that is pertaining to Christmas. This is nice because you not only get gift ideas, but you can also get ideas for decorating and crafts as well.

  5. I absolutley love microsites. It think it’s a great way to take advantage of the web and all that it can do. It creates an interesting and fun environment and a really good reflection on the company if they microsite is successful. The holidays are definitely a prime time to create one of these, and will definitely enhance your brand image if executed correctly.

  6. I really like the idea of creating a microsite! That way you can kind of stray away from what your customers are used to a show them a different side of you and your brand! Its a great idea for getting your customers involved and gaining more attention for your brand against competitors, Especially when everyone is fighting to the be top runner.

  7. I think microsites are a great idea! It is definitely a good switch up for your consumers to see a different side of your brand than what they are used to. Especially if they are frequent viewers of your main page, microsites are a great way to gain special attention for your brand against your competitors in the holiday season.

  8. These are some great ideas. I love the logo holiday specific idea. It is original and thoughtful. I can only imagine the December holiday time is especially stressful for social media employees. I bet there are a lot of emotional, angry customers that can’t find Tickle-Me-Elmo writing bad press about brands.

  9. I love the idea about taking photos of your favorite present after Christmas. I think a lot of people would respond to this, especially on Twitter because it would be super easy and would let people brag about all the cool stuff that they got. This would be great for the business because it would most likely get a lot of people talking about the brand. (Depending on business size)

  10. I really enjoyed reading the article and the way it was sectioned off the specific holidays. Although I dont think that Black Friday or Cyber Monday are technically holidays. Creating contests and asking people to submit their own content for the holidays is a great way to engage consumers and show them that your brand is interested in them.

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