Social Networks: How to keep up


In today’s era there are so many different social media platforms that are constantly changing. The question is which social media should your brand be present, and how do you keep up? Social Networks: how to keep up like a pro tackles the best way to keep up with the top three social media platforms which includes Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

With so many profiles and different people on each one, it can be hard to keep up with them. It becomes more of a chore, which is besides the point. Using a social network should be fun.

Of course one of the best ways to keep connected to each is by using apps to sync each account. This is a great tool to only have to update one “status” which then goes off to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or even blog accounts. This is one way that marketers could make sure their brand image is steady on each social media platforms.

Going with the idea of syncing apps, there are options such as Google+Tweet, G++, and Facebook to Twitter. These are all helpful because you only have to manage one account and it automatically updates the other. G++ is the only option that manages all three options. This allows you to update your Twitter and Facebook with only having to log into your Google+ account. This is a huge time saver for marketers.

Another option would be using extended share which is provided by Google Chrome. This shares content through not only Facebook and Twitter but also to Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts. This is helpful for brands that want to include promotional information and pictures of products without having to take the time to upload them to each account.

HootSuite, along with TweetDeck, are desktop organizers that not only allow you to update your accounts, but they also analyze data that allows you to track your performance and activity level on each account. This is a power tool that can help provide insight of which social brand areas need work, and which generate the most traffic.

There are also many more helpful applications that can help you manage your social brand.

There are plenty of reasons to sign up for a social media profile on multiple sites. In order to take care of them, you can use various tools designed to make it easier to handle all the three major websites.

Their takeaway from this was stated perfectly. There are so many different social media options, and in order to become successful with your social branding, you need to participate in more than one or two of them. Although it seems like a lot of work, there are so many helpful tools that can make it not only a breeze, but enjoyable.

4 thoughts on “Social Networks: How to keep up

  1. I have not persoanlly used TweetDeck but have heard great reviews from individuals who have. I have used HootSuite and find it very easy to learn and navigate. Does anyone use either of these desktop organizers to manage their personal accounts?

  2. I wonder if it has not already come out, if there will be an app or social networking site that will help you connect with all of your social media told. It can get annoying to sigh in individually into each account and checking them separately like the girl did in the little comic. Great article.

  3. I have used TweetDeck and it is a very useful tool. I work with social media for a student run group within my school at RIT. This is a very useful tool because we constantly have to remind people to tweet or post on facebook. With TweetDeck it is easy to update our status or tweet all at once. It is also nice to be able to see the activity level. We are always trying to get more followers and more activity on Facebook so this is an excellent tool to help us manage the sites.

    I do not use TweetDeck for my own accounts. Since I have a smart phone it is just easier to use the Facebook and Twitter apps. I don’t post on either site that much, so I don’t think that TweetDeck would help with my personal accounts.

  4. caught my eye because it “packs everything into one neat little application for the users convenience.” This is a perfect tool for those who have profiles in several different applications such as AIM,Yahoo, and even WordPress! This is something that a working college student can utilize because it syncs apps that we use. Although it didnt mention Facebook, I think this application should also be involved with Facebook.

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