Marketing with Videos


Today social media is a tool that is almost necessary to use to establish your brand and gain more customers. With the number of channels available for promoting your brand with, it can be hard to choose all the right ones. However, there is one strategy that should be used: video.

In this article, Brafton Editorial discusses three of the biggest reasons to use video in a social marketing campaign. First, video is pervasive. More and more internet users demand video, and the average viewer watches over 1,000 minutes of video per month. And while people may doubt it, web video ads have impacted purchases. Additionally, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have video integration capabilities. It makes sense that these capabilities be taken advantage of by not only users, but brands as well. Video can help marketing campaigns on any of the social media sites. Lastly, video stands as a way of setting yourself apart from the pack. With Facebook and Twitter feeds cluttered with all of the posts from users’ friends and other interests, videos can stand out.

So, while it’s still early in the game, now seems like the time to jump onto the video bandwagon. Yes, people may find video ads annoying. But there are many people out there, including myself, that are open to the idea. Used correctly, it can certainly work well to help both establishing your brand, as well as getting customers more involved.

8 thoughts on “Marketing with Videos

  1. I find the use of video in marketing very interesting and I’m glad you chose to write about it! I think it’s extremely important to provide some kind of moving visual that will provoke feeling and desire to a possible (or already existent and loyal) consumer. After all, need recognition is the first step in the consumer decision process and it is up to the organization to make that customer want the product, service, or experience they are selling.

  2. Video in marketing is definitely overlooked by most companies. I think depending on your company, videos can be effective, but getting a good response from a video may be trickier then just slapping one up there, especially if your company isn’t that fascinating.

  3. most effected video advertiser have to be under 2 minutes because people have a short attention span. this is not always the case because as of 12-23-12 of the millions of videos online only one has had more than a billion views is GANGNAM STYLE.

  4. I agree with the previous comments, video marketing is very effective. I think that people get a more personable feel being able to not only see the brand but hear their brand image. For example, has videos for some of their shoes that show people walking in them. For some reason I have watched these videos before making a purchase. It helps with sizing the product since it is hard shopping online with only pictures to reference.

  5. I remember hearing that like all social media outlets, it is not beneficial for a business to have a presence on YouTube unless they are going to consistently posting relevant content. If a business does not have the means to be consistently posting videos to YouTube, do you think their videos should only live on Facebook and Twitter? Or do you think that they should just not advertise that they have a YouTube account? Just curious about everyone’s thoughts on this!

    • I think that if a company is going to use video as a method of advertising, it would make sense that they do it on Youtube and link their Facebook and Twitter posts to it. This allows them to gain more exposure; however, you do have a point that if they aren’t going to consistently post videos, they should decide whether videos are even an appropriate outlet for them to use. Also, videos don’t alway have to be advertising something for them to be effective in establishing brand awareness. As long as they are building awareness about the company or their product, there is no need for them to be strictly advertisement based.

  6. It’s crazy how videos go viral now a days with the help of social media, especially you tube. Everybody basically walks around with a phone that can record something and it has allowed people to capture interesting events. However, I do believe that video marketing is up and rising. However, I think are becoming more annoyed with all the advertisements on youtube and Pandora, so marketers need to be careful how to use it.

  7. I appreciate the thought process behind the reasons why businesses should have a presence not only online but through video. In order to reap the benefits of all that video has to offer for a company you have to understand the platform and decide whether or not it is the right fit. Video helps individuals set themselves apart from competition and increases the level of interaction. I think this really helps people understand more about a company or product and can be very helpful in ROI when done properly/effectively.

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