Twitter 2012: A Year in Review

As the debris from ringing in 2013 clears and the social media channels have died down from #goodbye2012, #happynewyear and #2013, it is a perfect time to look at the top twitter trends of 2012.

2012 brought a lot of changes to the social media world and micro-blogging through Twitter helped to push out the information.  Whenever something big happened people would turn to their mobile devices or computers and Tweet it, just as Jack Dorsey (the creator of Twitter) had envisioned.  Twitter became the college place to find out news around the world.  In the social media space no news stays on top for long and nothing is safe from the world of social media.  2012 brought the Olympics, the Presidential Election, a hurricane that rocked the East Coast, the death of a pop icon, and a 30 minute YouTube sensation that stole the top of the most views on YouTube list.

Stories that became huge Twitter news but did not make the list of top trends include:


  • Facebook goes Public.  The story of a powerful private company going public with an initial IPO of $38 a share.  Just a few weeks later Facebook’s stock had fallen to less than half of its’ original value.  
  • Pinterest joined the social media scene and showed that visualization of content is the new trend.  Face it, people like to look at pictures more than they like to read the text that goes with a story.  This lead to the increased use of infographics (similar to the one at the bottom of this post).
  • Facebook made the biggest social purchase and shocked the world by acquiring Instagram for at the time of purchase: $1 billion in stocks and cash.
  • Still fairly new MySpace is making its comeback and it all took off with a tweet by Justin Timberlake on September 12.

But if we want to break down the top Twitter Trends in a little more detail we can look at the following:twitter

  • We said goodbye to a legend in Whitney Houston.  Her shocking death in a hotel room on February 11th and a private funeral held on February 19th brought in at one point a record 733,662 tweets per minute.
  • The summer Olympics in London received over 150 million related tweets.  Subjects included individuals, photos, defeats, victories, heated rivalries and the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  Despite the new social media rules that athletes had to abide by put in place by the International Olympic Committee the world still wanted to talk about the Olympics. twitter trends 2012
  • The social media world showed their patriotism by retweeting Obama’s victory message “Four More Years” to make it the most retweeted message of the year and in the history of Twitter.
  • One Direction is currently riding on their fans obsession with boy bands.  It will be interesting to find out how the band plans to last past five year itch that seems to haunt  boy bands.  Remember NYSNC?  Their band survived the public’s obsession for a little over five year.

Hootsuite broke down the Twitter Trends of the Year into an easy to understand infographic.

twitter infographic

After #2012 it will be exciting to see what #2013 brings to the Twitter world; as well as, the rest of the social media world.

My predictions:

  • #willandkatebaby
  • #catchingfire
  • #fiscalcliff
  • #presidentialinauguration
  • #despicableme2
  • #NHLisback

4 thoughts on “Twitter 2012: A Year in Review

  1. I think it is very interesting how twitter has grown over the years. It is also interesting how twitter catches attention from other social media sites such as Facebook with going public. The top 10 trend do not surprise me although I am surprised that Gabby Douglas was not on the top 10 athletes list. I am also curious to see what next year brings with twitter. I agree with the hashtags that you predicted.

  2. I am also extremely amazed how big twitter has become. I hear people all the time say how they like it better then Facebook. I will admit that I was one who did not really understand twitter at first but now I see how well it can connect everyone. It can be used to connect people not only with other people but with businesses. Needless to say it has grown on me and I am excited to see where social media like this will take us in the future.

  3. I’m glad you addressed this subject because I love all of these, kind of, summation articles at the end of each year to really see the impact of something throughout the year. I think Twitter is something that has become very mainstream and people of all ages recognize the verb ‘tweeting’ and what it entails. Twitter, like all social media sites, will have its ups and downs and eventually hit a maturity phase. As for what I can tell, Twitter is still growing and becoming more of an outlet for advertisers. Also, good predictions! Definitely realistic.

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