How to Promote Your Business Events on Facebook

By now we are all probably familiar with Facebook events from past event invites and our friends. Usually we simply put weather we will be attending  or a comment to the host. The guest list includes friends and network but what if you were a business looking for exposure on a particular event your company was hosting and needed as much attendees as possible. How can Facebook event page help you? According to this article

“Creating events on Facebook can be an effective, low-cost way to market your business event but the devil is in the details”


Specifically in the more info section, in this section includes a quick description of the event as well as the registration link, include it several times with all caps as a call to action. With the where- be as specific as possible for example if its an online seminar say its online and give the link here. Time -set up your time zone, images- create two one for your thumbnail but when click expands and says more what the event is about, allow anyone to be able to comment.

Now you will see a difference in number of attendees based on how you promote it.

  1. Companies should share their event on their timeline to their fans with a compelling image and a call to action phrase.
  2. Create a registration page separately, share the link with you followers, a place where they can can talk more about it, add more photos and branding elements, and most important, capture leads from your registrations and RSVPs.
  3. Involve your presenters by tagging them and having them comment on the event page as well as promoting it to their audience.
  4. Keep your fans involved with updates of teasers of what is to come
  5. Export the event and link it to your other company pages as well as your email signature.
  6. Create some word of mouth excitement by encouraging customer participation on what they would like to see at the event.
  7. Leverage your time line cover photo to promote your event and link them back to the event page.

Basically it is all about the information, linking, updates and customer participation through social media.

9 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Business Events on Facebook

  1. These are some great points. Facebook groups have advantages over print material. Online events are always able to be viewed under “my events”, so there is never a risk of information getting lost, and can be accessed at any time on devices. And assuming you check your Facebook daily, you will be reminded of the event on your mini-feed, without even creating a calendar alert. I have also found that it’s convenient for participants to ask questions to the creators directly.

  2. These are some great points! I have utilized some of these in creating events for my job and they have worked out decently. The only issue is that the business cannot solely rely on social media. If you do not have a large follower base, your events will go on deaf ears. Social media is meant to boost current customer relations, not necessarily expand the customer base (in small business scenarios). But if you are apart of a large business, these pointers are ones to keep in mind!

    Good Article


  3. I have also used this to schedule events for my job. I have found that usually these events are not very reliable. You can’t count on people attending even if the said the were going to on Facebook. I think that events are great way to inform people about the event and what will be happening. If Facebook events are used along with other print material and advertising it could be very beneficial.

  4. Choosing a compelling photograph/image for your event along with a catchy phrase are the main devices for grabbing peoples’ attention. What else do they have to judge your event on besides what the event actually is? It’s the visuals along with the ‘caption.’
    The ‘teasers’ idea is a fun way to keep people interested as well. It enforces the thought of the event later, after the viewer has left the page. In other words, it keeps them thinking…

  5. The article highlighted tips that can be helpful when creating a Facebook event. Facebook users are bombarded with events requests, this makes it difficult to get event interaction. The article discussed the importance of responding to RSVP’s ,because it can increase awareness of the invent. This can also influence people to create discussion for the event.

  6. It really comes down to simple marketing techniques, keep the audience engaged, don’t let the content go stale by not updating, and involve your partners. It’s a good tutorial, especially since most of the time people don’t even know how to work Facebook since it switches everything around every couple of weeks.

  7. I think that encouraging those individuals who have decided to participate to share the event or invite attendees is a great way to get more people to the event. This option, of course, depends on what type of event it is. If we use the example in the article of a online seminar, it is likely that the business wants to have as many people involved with the seminar as possible.

    Creating an event tab is also a great way to promote the event. It is a great place to organize all pertinent information while keeping them on your page.

  8. Posting events are a great way to generate traffic to your Facebook page because it is more content based than simply posting. I think that tagging your presenters and having multiple teasers before the event is very important. That way the audience keeps getting reminders about it and can get more excited.

  9. I found this article very helpful! I am a social media intern at the American Diabetes Association in Rochester, and my job until June is to promote Rochester’s Tour de Cure event. We do a lot of these tips already, but the article was a huge help!

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