Marketing Resolutions


With the beginning of a new year always comes the heap of resolutions and bundles of promises of great changes to come. As individuals it is usually quite easy to pick our goals and take our vows. We devote ourselves to losing weight, traveling, spending more time with family or learning something new.

This got me thinking, what type of goals are businesses setting? And with the increasing importance of social media within the business and marketing plan, what social media marketing resolutions should businesses be making?

There’s a great article written by Harry Gold titled, “10 Social Media Marketing New Year’s Resolutions,” sponsored by Wildfire Interactive. Although the article stresses 10 different vows that every business must make, I’m going to talk about the five that I believe to be most important.
1. I vow to be more interesting. In life, if you are a boring person, people will not want to listen to you and even less people will want to be friends with you. The same is true for social media. So remember to post things that are interesting, funny, useful or entertaining and give people a reason to want to be part of your conversation.
2. I vow to have personality. Most people are using social media as an outlet to chat, share things that are happening in their lives and to be entertained, therefore you have to talk about more than your products and services. Don’t be afraid to show the human side to your business. Encourage your social media team to initial their posts when appropriate while remembering to stick to the brand image. Are you not sure what material is appropriate to share? Have a team brainstorming session over lunch, gather some ideas and then test them out!
3. I vow to share. Many businesses, within social media, only focus on the like or follow. They continuously forget about sharing. Presenting easily shareable information creates endless possibilities for businesses to reach way more individuals than those who like or follow them. So create more shareable info and encourage it!
4. I vow to be more generous. For those in the positions to make financial decisions, rethink your social media budget. Yes, signing up is free but creating a consistent message that suits your brand and reaches your target market isn’t; not to mention sponsored ads and promoted tweets. So give your team a little more to work with. This will not go to waste. A lot of material created for social media can be used across many outlets.
5. I vow to encourage. Social media does not have to be restricted to only those individuals within the social media department. Encourage your entire staff to become active on multiple different social media outlets of their own. Everyone has something to offer and you’ll never discover it until they discover it first.
Happy New Year and happy marketing!

8 thoughts on “Marketing Resolutions

  1. I agree that it is very important for a company to maintain a “brand personality” in their posting, especially one that is consistent across all mediums. So often businesses fail to establish a personality and simply post relevant information to their company.

  2. I think this is a great post! The five vows you choose are very important for companies to strive for in moving towards the future. I especially agree with the personality vow. Bringing personality through social media for a company will help draw customers in and help them relate to the business.

  3. Number 3 caught my eye, “I vow to SHARE.” From childhood we are told to share, because, well, ‘sharing is caring,’ right? Websites that share relevant and interesting information invite people to visit their page frequently, even multiple times a day. The more the company shares, the more the viewer can expect new information, thus the more they will visit the page! Simple! Well, not so much. How do we know what information is actually relevant, and/or interesting to our viewers? We don’t, unless we take careful notice of feedback. With a close look at feedback, comes useful sharing!

  4. I find it funny that if you take out the title these vows can apply to personal life as well. I think the overwhelming moral of all these business articles is treat your customers well and keeping up the interaction, and you will be successful.

  5. Number 6 should be i vow to engage. By interacting with others through twitter and Facebook, will lead to more people following you which will lead to you posting tweets that are of a higher quality which will lead to you more followers.

  6. Agreed these could relate to people personally except for number 4 that one relates to businesses. And it caught my attention because it is the only one that talked about financial decisions the others were more about the brand personality mentioned above.

  7. Pretty interesting blog I see, I usually think of resoultions as how you can improve yourself, but bringing the marketing segment into it, it becomes interesting, with the marketing world, people are creative and they come with creative ideas and thoughts. There’s great connection between the person’s life and the vows that were created here. Great find!

  8. Number 3 also caught my eye. How difficult it is to post content that is considered “shareable”. Just browsing Facebook I came across the “Suits” fan page, the TV show featured on USA. Their editors create original info-graphics and cartoons relating to the show. Creative and share-worthy. A little work goes a long way when it comes to content sharing. People don’t want to see the same thing over and over again!

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