Social Media and Sports

Recently I came across an article, http://, about a professional lacrosse team out of philadelphia that put their twitter handles on the back of their jerseys instead of their last names. Ever since social media has evolved into a mainstay in daily life I have been waiting to see how it will evolve in professional sports. According to this article we are on the verge of seeing how far sports leagues and teams will let their players go on social media. I know personally I think social media is great for keeping up with sports events. RIT in particular uses their sports information workers to update twitter of sports events simultaneously during play. This is great as it gives on lookers who are not able to listen or watch the game to keep up with play. With social media also fans can feel like they are keeping up with their favorite players daily life. It is extremely beneficial to make a so called “more personal connection” with the players and could possibly help draw in more fans to games. More fans to games mean more sales in tickets and merchandise. Now the question is what will be considered too much connection? And how far will the leagues let the players and fans take social media? Only time will tell.

6 thoughts on “Social Media and Sports

  1. That’s pretty interesting with the twitter handle. I bet in the next 10 years we’re going to see a lot more of this, and a lot more interactivity with sports viewing.

  2. This is an interesting way to get more recognition for the team and for the fans to interact with the players but it could also bring them good and bad publicity since sometimes athletes don’t play how we want them too.

  3. I think it is interesting that the team put their twitter handles on the back of their jerseys. Although this seems a little weird now I think we will start to see more of this in the future. To me the twitter handle on the back seems unnecessary, but it is a good way to keep fans updated and connected with the team and the players.

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