Using Agencies versus Moving In House

With the countless benefits of having a social media team that has the ability to effectively and easily communicate with customers, while maintaining an efficient relationship with other departments within a company is vital to a successful social branding effort.  In the article, the the idea that companies are moving from using agencies as their social branding team to using people in-house, or some using varying degrees of both was debated by industry insiders.

Some agencies have been industry heavy weights for decades, proving that they are vital to some company’s successes, but this doesn’t seem to be for much longer. With customers now demanding companies be reachable and helpful at all times, many companies are now hiring people to work in house on social media. This means that agencies could see a decline in revenue and become less of an industry staple. A main benefit of agencies is that they’re able to see the full spectrum of business and aid companies in making savvy decisions that are not only based off of their research and understanding of the market place. But they cannot connect to customers as easily, due to cost or not as much manpower, and are not fully integrated into the values and mission of the company are paid (handsomely) to represent.

Many companies have come to find, in recent years, that customers want a company that connects to them through social media. Allowing themselves to be reachable and helpful has helped companies grow and part of this comes from the ease of having an in house social branding team. The employees fully understand the mission and values of the company they’re working for as well as being able to devote their time scouring the Internet to interact with customers and build relationships. Creating an experience that is unique to each customer can help the company get ahead of its competition and, hopefully, increase the company’s value. 

One thought on “Using Agencies versus Moving In House

  1. I agree with this article and think that in house social media is the way of the future. Obviously, technology moves very fast but it seems that social media is here to stay.. or at least until something better comes along. At least with in house social media companies have people working full time on bringing customers in and are focused strictly on that one particular company.

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