Internet Marketing Strategies For 2013 That Will Work with infographics

With many companies getting their strategies ready for the year of 2013 which has just started, alot of companies are working on their strategies that will work. Take a look on the infographics, very visual and you would understand on the strategies that had been created and would work. After taking some look at the infographics, I found several datas pretty interesting and worth to share here. According to the infographics, 63% of the companies using social media said that social media has certainly helped their interactions and sales. I take that as a hint on if I start up a business, getting social media involved would make an impact on my business. Many companies are starting to spend more money on social media advertising because they know that it is important to get the customers to interact early to be able to keep them in the business system. Blogging is one of the most popular method with social media, 88% of the companies that blogs find themselves profiting themselves more than the companies that do not blog. I personally do not blog much but after seeing this article, I find that it is important to blog more often to get more customers to become interested into interacting with me in the future. According to the article, 87% of people use the search engine to make up their mind deciding on if their desired purchases would benefit them and if it would also be a good deal. It is important for the business to put their names in the top few searches on the search results so the customers would be looking at your website first before the other companies’s sites. It is important to learn the secrets on how to get your name out first on the search results. 75% of internet users usually dont go past the first page of the search results so what happens if your business site is on the second page, 75% of the people looking for your product wouldnt ever hear of your business. First page is the important thing to focus on! Emailing is the most popular communication method nowadays because now people would be able to check their emails at the times they want to instead of having phone calls cutting them off while they are doing something during a phone call. Putting up your business email address is important because people will be looking for the email address to contact you.

Cliffs on internet marketing strategies for 2013 that will work would be:
– Social media increases marketing effectiveness
– Blogging generates leads, traffic and customers
– SEO is important – even for brick and mortar businesses
– More website pages means more leads, traffic and customers
– Email is the most effective revenue generating channel for most businesses
– Mobile marketing has become a necessity

Link to the infographics


3 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Strategies For 2013 That Will Work with infographics

  1. Your article touches a lot on the different sources one can use to increase their internet foot print and it is interesting that you used an info graphic. Info graphics are great to demonstrate a lot of information in a quick easy visual way to follow.

    • I agree, I enjoy looking at infographics now because they provide alot of visual stats, makes things whole lots easier. Also it would interest more people into reading than the old way (all words). Infographics is becoming more popular nowadays.

  2. I find this subject to be very interesting. It’s weird to think that info graphics are thought to be the next “hot thing” after social media marketing through twitter, Facebook, and blogs. After reading this article, it sort of makes sense because as a designer I think it is beneficial to combine the usage of images/symbols with type that explains in further detail all that is important to the viewer. It seems that our world is becoming more digital and digital everyday and I am curious as to what will be next and if in fact it will be info graphics.

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