7 Bold Ways to Build Brand Personality


With out a doubt, it is crucial for a brand to have a face or personality. Consumers like to associate themselves with a product or company that relates to their lifestyles or values. Let’s take Coca-Cola for example. Their personality is that every time you drink a coke you “Open Happiness”.  By having a presence online and having great TV ads, they have created an identity in which people can find happiness and associate happiness with Coca-Cola. 


Furthermore, because social media is prevalent in today’s modern world, it is essential for brands to reach their consumers online. In the article “7 Bold Ways to Build Brand Personality”, 

 “Social media and blogs account for 23% of all time spent online, and reach over 80% of Americans with an Internet connection.” 

This statistic only shows how important it is for a brand to use social media tools and connect with their consumer online.  Because consumers want to associate themselves with a brand, and often use Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging to communicate their thoughts and opinion, brands must be aware of how to portray their identity and show the “human side” of the brand. This article states 7 ways a brand can build their personality as part of their inbound marketing strategy. 

The First tip that the article suggests to do to create brand personality is to act as a “human” when answering question from consumers. Creating a relationship is essential for building brand loyalty. Even though companies have a Facebook or Twitter, they are useless if there is no interaction with the consumer.


Second advice is to be VISUAL. “Experts estimate that including images, video or info graphics with your text posts increases engagement by 35% or more.” Consumers and viewers love visual content.  It is said that companies or brands should post visual content 1/3 of the time. Think about, who doesn’t love looking at pictures?

Third, don’t force key words. Google has become smart in this aspect. Before PANDA and Google’s new algorithm, companies could use a lot of keywords unrelated to the topic just to boost their optimization. Make sure your key words are related to your topic or you might make consumers mad.

Fourth, make your about us page interesting. Some consumers actually look into what the company is all about. Adding videos, images, and readable content is key. 


Fifth, connect with consumer and create a relationship. A company can boost their visibility if they actively blog and comment on other blogs and respond to comments left by the consumer. 

Sixth, using humor most of time will attract your consumers. Let’s be serious, everybody loves to laugh, that’s why we follow those memes, and look at silly videos. However, the humor must be appropriate for the audience. Note, humor can be part of your strategy but not your main focus. 

Seventh tip giving by the article, accept your mistakes. As a brand, if you make a mistake, take time to apologize to your consumers. Try to resolve the solution with the consumer

6 thoughts on “7 Bold Ways to Build Brand Personality

  1. The seventh tip is sooo important! Think about this: You get into an argument with your best friend. He calls you, mad as anything, about what you did wrong. Instead of calming the situation with an apology and maybe reasoning behind your actions, you hang up the phone. Yeah, that’ll make him forgive you, not. Of course this makes perfect sense… you have to sustain the relationships with your customers that you’ve worked so hard to build! This means apologizing when apologies are appropriate.

  2. I think the second point about the visual picture is key. So many times, I scroll the Facebook feed just passing the text but when I come to a picture it immediately catches my attention and then if the picture is relevant or interesting I read on about the topic.

  3. Definitely number 5. Companies who post up questions or links on their Facebook/social media and don’t reply often lose my respect. It’s like they expect the customer to do all the work. They should actively participate in the conversation.

  4. I think this is a great article because it doesn’t matter how many likes you have on Facebook, but how engaged viewers are. This is why tip number one is so important. It’s just as important for brands to interact, by answering questions then it is posting new information. It’s more quality of a post then quantity.

  5. When using twitter to make you brand you have to have someone tweet daily and respond to the comments. by doing this the company will gain more followers and more interaction with the brand which will lead to a more effective twitter page and a greater influence through social media.

  6. As a social media intern currently with the American Diabetes Association I make it a point to follow the fifth way to build a brand personality. We have an event in June and many of our followers Tweet or comment at us asking questions and looking foor answers. These followers are using social media to find the answers to the important questions they have about our big event. If we didn’t respond them they would feel as if we do not care about the relationship we have with them.

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