4 Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed


When you put your personal brand on Social Media networking cites, you are essentially placing yourself in competition with thousands of others claiming to provide the same thing as your brand. So how do you become the brand that people turn to when they need information of your sort? Your brand must offer something the other do not, in turn getting the audience to recognize your brand as the one at the top of its line.

According to a recent Forbes article, there are four ways to gain audience attention:

Be Transparent

There are tons of companies out there on social media, and some have no idea what they are doing. Some companies are full of older individuals who haven’t been trained, don’t know how to properly work Social Media networks, and end up using them like automated machines. You don’t want to make posts that make you sound robotic and impersonal, you want to connect with your readers and give them a reason to want to reach out to you. Be a brand users want to connect with and enjoy interacting with. Like author Scott Levy says:

Always remember you’re real people behind the company & username and people will appreciate that.

Engage, Engage, Engage

On top of getting your content online, remember to keep checking back to it when it’s up there. Don’t just leave it there to fend for itself, communicate with feedback; positive or negative, and remember that the online world is a conversation, not just a one sided dialogue. When you communicate with your audience, it gets them excited about your brand. The audience wants to know that there is actually someone behind these social media faces listening to what they are saying.

Get to Know your Audience

Don’t treat people like they are just a means of making money. This goes hand and hand with engaging them; interact with them. Make them feel like individuals, let them know that you are interested in their personal opinions and who they actually are.

The final way to gain audience attention is to:

Be Interesting

Like I said before, what do you have to offer that is different from other brands? Provide something unique. Be who you are, emphasize your talents and show the world why you, and your brand, are ‘the brand’ to be following.

These are some tips provided by Scott Levy of Forbes.com that are important to remember when trying to get your brand noticed. These tips are important for every brand and when implemented correctly, they can take your brand from being a nobody, to the ‘it’ brand people find themselves turning to.

4 thoughts on “4 Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed

  1. All of these tips are similar to the topics we talk about in class. All of the tips hint about having a relationship with the customers. Also having a strong brand voice is important, which I agree with. Personally if I follow a company on a social media site and it is boring I am turned off. I will either unfollow or unlike them or not even pay attention to them. I think that it is important for companies to do research and learn about their customers before they start to use social media.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with what was said above. If I were to follow a company on a social media site, such as Twitter and their content was boring or did not offer me something of value I would be turned off as well. Not only will I be discouraged by a brand that did not offer me something of value, but if they were to be overbearing to their fans of followers on social media. Thier one of those would make me unfollow and unlike them.

  3. Nice post! I’ve definitely seen some companies using SM like they’re robots. These are really great suggestions that every social media marketer should keep close to themselves when creating content for their different platforms. I think knowing your audience is really important, because users on one platform may not respond to some content that would be more relevant to users on another platform.

  4. “Some companies are full of older individuals who haven’t been trained, don’t know how to properly work Social Media networks…”
    This is exactly what my group is going through right now with the manager of Nathans at RIT. He’s not sure why he’s on social media websites and how to manage them. It’s important for managers to hire individual employees to handle their networking sites (if the sites are even necessary). Someone spending insufficient time replying to posts/tweets is worse than not having a needed social media site.

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