Improve Facebook engagement like a PRO with this hidden feature


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging continue to dominate the marketing field and change the way companies are getting messages across to their customers. Specifically looking at Facebook, it is clear that geo-targeting has never been easier.

If you want to learn about engaging your customers through Facebook, look no further, below are steps that tell you exactly how to do so with the help of EdgeRank’s Post Privacy Gating. This is a feature of Facebook, allowing companies to target more specific groups of individuals based on a set of criteria and a narrowed and specific message.

Here’s how EdgeRank works in one sentence: The more your fans like, comment, share, or click through on your posts, the more often they will see your posts in their NewsFeed. But the question becomes, how do you get your posts to show up in all of your fans NewsFeeds to spur interaction in the first place? One answer to that is Post Privacy Gating, a Facebook feature that does not get enough attention for how useful and effective it is.

Post Privacy Gating allows you to target a segment of your fans at a time with an update that would appeal to that certain demographic specifically. The result is much greater engagement and improvement of your overall EdgeRank score. It’s a great way for brands to be more creative with their content and boot engagement rates through targeted posts that a portion of their fans will connect with and appreciate.

Specific steps below give insight into becoming a pro at engaging Facebook users.

First: Start targeting your Facebook posts, you can do so by specifying a demographic and creating a custom post: for example choosing Clermont, Florida in the UK and creating a post: “Special shout out to all of our British Friends: When are you planning on visiting us again?”

this post will be sent to the 17 people who liked the Clermont, Florida page and will most likely be seen and processed by the individuals receiving it.

Second: After writing this post at the bottom of status box to the right of the scheduling option (looks like a cross-hairs graphic) will be The Post Privacy Gating option, which you can then add targeting by location and see how many people you will be sending your post to. (Look at website for step by step photos)

Once this is done you can check back to see the amount of interaction your post received and how the individuals you sent it to responded, whether they shared it, liked it, or commented on it.

All in all, this method is successful for companies both large and small because you are connecting with your customers by sending specific messages to individuals and are keeping track of it progress.

In my opinion, this seems to be a wonderful tactic of Facebook that I bet no one really knew about. I think that it can be very helpful to companies that have the time and want to engage customers on a more seemingly personal level. This is a great way for companies to brand themselves as great customer service reps an creating a positive outlook for anyone who happens to come across their page on Facebook. If you want to brand yourself, what better way than through a social media platform like Facebook, which is all individuals interacting amongst the companies that can stay afloat. It will be interesting to see if companies will begin using this aspect of Facebook and if in fact it gives the results it promises. I think it will be helpful for the shear fact that people enjoy when companies seem like they are more specific and less general with their messages and ads.

People might say this is hidden feature, but it seems like Facebook gives you many tools to help companies brand, but its up to the company to educate themselves and familiarize with the tools that can make or break their social media brand presence.

7 thoughts on “Improve Facebook engagement like a PRO with this hidden feature

  1. Post Privacy Gating sounds like it would be very effective for companies that have multiplet target audiences. The company could send out specific Facebook statuses depending on the product. A company such as Proctor and Gamble, sells products from Old Spice to Cover Girl could be more effective by creating separate statues based on each of these products.

  2. I am really glad you posted about this feature! I had never known that you were able to do this on Facebook. I can see how it can be extremely helpful for business owners to used and created buzz about their company. I do not really expect much less from a company that has created its value based on the ability to create communications between people who are no where near each other. They truly are marketing geniuses!

  3. Wow! You’re right! I never heard of this feature, but it’s AWESOME! I definitely agree that this is almost infinitely useful since social media is generally said to be hyper-targeted. I wonder why Facebook hasn’t promoted this feature more, since I’m sure many businesses would take it a little more seriously with its increasing number of business-friendly features. Not only does Post Privacy Gating allow you to specifically target geographic locations, it can help you see which geographic areas are most responsive to your targeted posts! Awesome blog post! Thanks!

  4. This is really cool, and a total asset to Marketers. I’m surprised features like this aren’t more noticed by business blogs. Definitely seems tricky though, and a bit scary in that Facebook can narrow down segments of people like that.

  5. I had no idea this type of tool was available but it definitely seems like it would be beneficial to many different businesses trying to reach their target audience via Facebook.

  6. That is a pretty cool feature that marketers can use. This is very beneficial in targeting consumers and making them feel more involved and cared about by the company.

  7. This provides an advantage for companies that are nationwide. One Facebook status update can target a specific geographic location, advertising local sales and promotions.

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