Twitter – The Most Social Brand of 2012

Ad Age has discovered that Twitter is where most online conversations are unfolding.  Though that may seem obvious to a bunch of twenty-something students like ourselves who use Twitter to follow brands, news sites, and each other, while simultaneously documenting our weekends between the hours of 9pm and 2am – Twitter is the brand mentioned in all online social conversations.  MEC and Ogilvy PR have declared Twitter to be “the most social brand of 2012”.  Twitter has been mentioned through social media in more than 2.8 billion posts.  The photo attatched shows the remaininng social brands of 2012.


One thought on “Twitter – The Most Social Brand of 2012

  1. Looking at the list I am surprised that Apple has come before Facebook. I guess with all their products and how they can be used socially is what gives them the nod over Facebook. However, I do agree with the fact that Twitter is the top pick for social media. At first I was against getting a Twitter but after getting one I can see how social media can really thrive on it.

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