Posted in February 2013

Group 2: Workshop

Introduction  In the world that we live in today everything revolves around the ability to have everything at our fingertips at a moments notice. Instant gratification is exactly what we have all come to know and expect. Needless to say, the same goes for any business and its customers. Thus, it is extremely important no … Continue reading

Group 6: Handling Negative Feedback

GROUP 6 Final Report: Handling Negative Feedback   Since the ability to voice your opinions on brands is present, companies must know how and when to properly respond to their consumers. Although a brand may get a handful of praise and positive feedback, they must also know how to handle negative feedback when it strikes. … Continue reading

Group 5 Workshop

                  The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in recent years, and there are many ways for someone involved in the industry to use different social platforms to great effect.  The gaming industry has three major companies with home consoles in competition.  They are the Nintendo Wii and Wii U, the … Continue reading

Group 3 – Social Branding Workshop

Group 3 – Social Branding Workshop

Social Branding Workshop Fuad Panjali, Erik Ellingson, Chris Stevens, Julia Reagan, Megan Kremer, Jessica De Nova Introduction: In today’s marketing strategy, it is critical to incorporate and utilize social media platforms so you can interact and gain user input. It seems like every couple of weeks there is a new platform coming out that people … Continue reading

TD Bank Breaks Social Marketing Mold

Many brands choose not to use Google+ because of low engagement. TD Bank has now produced ninety six various videos to be published on new Google+ local pages for its different locations in New York City.  These videos include interviews with the manages and on-site location footage of the stores. TD Bank is not buying … Continue reading

Content Marketing: Why it is Important and How to do it

What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is a marketing technique that uses content to attract, acquire, and engage a specific target audience. Through the use of valuable content and including call to actions, content marketing can lead to profitable customer action. Content Marketing is not about selling your product or service to a consumer, but … Continue reading

Originally posted on tje9885's Blog: If you have been following the recent news in online happenings, you are most likely familiar with the hacktivist group, Anonymous.  They are a “Legion” as the group’s motto claims, fighting for constitutional justice and internet freedom primarily within the United States.  The group has incredible intelligence…

Building Your Brand’s Story Online

Building Your Brand’s Story Online

Telling stories has been a part of human culture since the beginning of time. It is not always about the length of a story or the longevity of the story that makes a tale memorable. It is more about how a story makes one feel. Do you remember it? Does it make you question what … Continue reading

Protect Privacy on Facebook

ABC news recently released an article on Facebook privacy and the 7 things people should do in order to protect that privacy. Personally, I think if you’re using Facebook then privacy might not be at the top of your priority list in the first place. The first way is to change your name on your profile. … Continue reading