9 thoughts on “Advertisers are Pregaming for the Super Bowl

  1. I don’t believe that releasing teasers will have a negative effect on these commercials. The people that are watching the teasers are those who are extremely interested in them. Most of these teasers are released online and are only viewed if you search for them. I personally have been watching teasers and they are making me more excited to see the whole commercial.

    • I completely agree. Most people that are watching the teasers are specifically searching for them – which is safe to assume that they are still planning on watching the full length commercials. The commercials are made available almost instantaneously after the game as well. I think that the only way that pre-leasing the commercials would have an effect on the number of people watching is if the full as content is not better than the pre-leased teaser.

    • I agree. One thing that I do not like, however, is when companies put their commercials online and THEN it goes viral. So when the super bowl spot comes around, it looses its WOW factor and gains a “well there’s that one again,” factor. I think companies, for future super bowls, should do more poster and print type teasers rather than releasing their video for view prior (example: godaddy.com).

  2. I think teasers actually do generate buzz for certain companies. GoDaddy.com, for example, is know for their outlandish ads and delivered once again this year. Any press is good press to some companies. Granted, for any other event that isn’t the Superb’Owl (don’t want a lawsuit!), I feel like teasers are unnecessary.

  3. I definitely watch the Superbowl for the ads! I think there’s just as much competition during the commercial breaks as there is on the field. I enjoy watching how brands personify themselves and what tactics they use to make a memorable impression. I always enjoy seeing the Doritos ads. Another favorite was the Budweiser ad about the clydesdale horse. Budweiser definitely succeeded in providing an intimate, emotional depiction of their brand.

  4. I love the ads during the Superbowl. I think that is one of the biggest times of the year for some of these major companies because the audience is planning on watching them. Some companies unfortunately blow it though.

  5. Being a football fan I can say the ads definitely aren’t important to me. I usually catch up on the good ads the day after I hear which ones are worth a watch. It’s a huge opportunity for companies to get big exposure, which even when negative still increases profit or awareness.

  6. I love watching the Superbowl for the ads! There seems to be certain businesses that always have ads made especially for the game. I believe their presence is just as important as the ads. Part of their brand incorporates the Superbowl.

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