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One in three smartphone using Britons would give up sex rather than their mobile phone. If that doesn’t scream anti-social, then I don’t know what does. Stephen Dale is the author of Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?, an article that discusses the statistics of survey findings related to anti-sociality. In this day and age, a good percentage of people would rather be virtually connected, rather than physically (as Pew Research on sex vs. mobile phones states). This shows the increase of insensitivity we have towards those around us, as opposed to those we cannot physically see. Dale brings up a conversation he has with his friend about the ease of not having a face-to-face conversation and now being able to end relationships through the click of a button.

Perhaps this one-button-does-everything mentality that we’re now so used to is making us less social and more insensitive to…

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  1. I really thought this article and the arguments it presented were interesting because I’ve always thought social media was utilized for social purposes only. I didn’t realize that the obsessive behavior with social media could, in fact, lead to unsocial behavior. An example that I can think of is a family member who has a lot of friends in school, but for the entirety of the weekend plays video games with friends online. He is antisocial with the others who are physically around him, but social with the voices he hears over his headset. It’s crazy to think that something so social could make someone so unsocial, but it does make sense. I could especially see the arguments being relevant for someone who uses social media to meet new people around the world. Because the distance would be so far, the user would have to be glued to their social media to remain connected to them. Smartphones are also allowing users to become more connected and reliant on social media. Good post!

  2. I don’t think I entirely agree with this article. It’s just social media is meant for people express themselves, not be anti social. It defeats the purpose for someone to use social media and be anti social while using it. Meeting new people through a social media outlet does make them social, so in turn I don’t quite get the objective of making them anti social.

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