Stipple Introduces Interactive Images to Facebook

Stipple is a new service that allows users to create interactive hotspots on their images. This new service has recently allowed for publishing on social media sites such was Facebook. A recent article explains how Stipple works and how it can now be integrated with Facebook.

There are multiple tags that you can include on the image and each tag can link to a different location. Below is a picture of the different tags that can be placed on the images.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 9.58.36 AM

The article states how these tags can help brands with visual story telling, making their images become more real and allow people to learn more information about them.

To me Stipple seems like it is a service that can benefit various businesses. I believe that the tagging different aspects of the image can help users to learn more about the product or image. This can help businesses in a couple of ways. First it can help them with potential purchases. Second it can help them establish a better brand equity with their customers. Since they are providing more information about the product, the customers will be more satisfied and loyal to the business.

Personally I believe that Stipple has a lot of potential, especially for large retail stores. I think that if retail stores such as Macy’s used Stipple on their Facebook it would help direct customers to other products that they may like, as well as directing them to their website. The recommendations are already seen on most webpages at the bottom, but tags may be more noticeable. The problem with the recommendations at the bottom of the page is that they look like ads, which most people tend to ignore. If there is a tag on the image people may hover their mouse over it to see what it is. The only problem I could see with this is people not knowing what the tags are, but this is easy to figure out by hovering the mouse over the tag. I think that using Stipple on Facebook will attract more customers to the actual website and can get them to potentially buy products.

One thought on “Stipple Introduces Interactive Images to Facebook

  1. I think this is a really interesting feature. I’m most interested in seeing how Stipple will have an effect on company’s conversion rates and goals. Since they are now able to link pages and information too pictures social media sites can now play a big role in a how company’s plan to bring their customer to that final page where they will make the purchase.

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