Avoid Social Media Disasters in 2013

Chris Mayhew posted a wonderful short article titled “Avoid Social Media Disasters in 2013.” The reason I say it was wonderful is because it demonstrated real situations where a brand’s image was diminished due to it’s social media. As a big business, you are always in your customer’s eyes and social media puts you even more into the spotlight. Not only managing your social media is important, but the employees as well. For example, both Burger King and Taco Bell were hit hard last year with employees posting unsanitary pictures. The employee from Burger King was shown standing in the buckets of lettuce, and Taco Bell’s employee was urinating on some nachos. Even though these employees were both immediately fired, these two fast food companies had a hard time covering those viral pictures. So as a company with many social media platforms what should you do?

With the outreach that social media allows you, anything that is posted is instantly seen by millions and once it has entered the virtual world, it can’t be undone.

One thing that companies should realize is that monitoring their social media is huge. Social media is one of the best tools to demonstrate your brand’s image, so representing it in a negative way is almost a sentence to bankruptcy. One way to manage employees abuse to social media is by having a “no phones” at work policy. Cell phones should not be allowed in the work-place, especially for fast-food restaurants. Employers should try to become friends or links with their employees to check to see what is being posted about the company.

Social media is a great tool to display your brand image and interact with your customers. It is very risky to have many social media platforms. Make sure that you have an appropriate present on the Internet. If you have too many social media pages, you have a bigger chance of causing a public slip up. Manage your social media with care!



8 thoughts on “Avoid Social Media Disasters in 2013

  1. This article brings possible insight to companies efforts at being successful on social media. I think its a good idea to not only tell individuals how important it is to be on social media but to warn them of misusing it. This shows companies that social media is powerful and helpful but if used incorrectly the results can be catastrophic. Unfortunately I think there is too much hype around companies needing to be on social media and causing negative outcomes because they’re on social media just to be there without being knowledgeable. It baffles me that companies are still making such silly mistakes and having to backtrack to protect their image, makes me wonder when companies will catch up and if social media will have further developed.

  2. I believe that as social media grows in importance, the more attention there will be needed to manage these tools. I think is a great example of how they took advantage of something that happened during real time and used social media to advertise their brand effectively. However, if companies have all these social media outlets but don’t pay close attention, they can damage their brand identity. A perfect example of this was the rifle association when they tweeted right after the incident in colorado.

  3. This is definitely an issue that will become more and more prominent in the near future. As more and more of the world turns to social media more issues like the ones stated in the article will occur. I agree that it is important for the companies to monitor the employees to ensure that things like this happen. However, this could also create a privacy issue. How much can a company monitor or control of their employees social media outlets? It is definitely a slippery slope and will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

  4. Social Media would definitely bring more attention in the near future. There will be alot more smarter people out there, tools and tips would need to be learned on how to use them. It would become more interesting on how businesses face this issue with the whole privacy thing. Social media can put huge impact on businesses such as if business makes a wrongful post, they can lose tons of customers.

  5. The era of Social Media has companies really re-assessing their policies. Because the ability to sneak a picture or video is greater than ever, either companies will be more strict on their store policies, or implement more transparencies. Either way this is definitely a new issue management will have to learn to handle. Also dealing with customers who can snap pictures/videos makes it challenging. Companies definitely need to have a 24/7 person/department for managing their content.

  6. One point in this article I found very important was monitoring your employees. Last year I took Social Media for PR and we did a whole section on employees and social media for companies. We learned about various policies companies have for social media use representing their brand and also learned about various crises’ that happened in relation to that. Monitoring employees on social media is very important and should always be addressed.

  7. This is a good post. Companies, at the end of every major event (like a year, a sporting event, or anything else related) should look at their own marketing strategies on social media and evaluate if they did what they intended. Also, they need to do the same thing with other companies. If they see a company doing something that works for them, they might be able to inherit that social media strategy for their own benefit. Do not start the new year without any background information. Good post! I just hope companies will actually do this!

  8. Good post. Being able to realize a social media disaster is key in trying to fix a problem. Sporting events generally showcase the biggest platform for companies to showcase their product or service. Having a successful social media strategy that doesn’t offend anyone is a good attribute to have in a companies back pocket. It’s a just a waiting game to see if companies will actually do this.

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