Business Branding: 4 Ways To Set Your Social Media On Fire

In this article by Scott Levy, a Forbes contributor, explains how brands can stand out on various social media platforms and how to properly engage their consumers online. With every company scrambling to make a Facebook and Twitter account these days, it is hard to make your brand stand out. Scott discusses the four key steps that will make your brand successful in any online social media.

The first step is to be transparent, now what that means is be honest and open to your customer base. Consumers want real people behind their brands not just some corporate entity that tells them what they want to hear. They wait humility honesty and a sense of humanity behind the brands they admire.

The second step is to engage your audience. That means two way communication between the brand and the consumer. The author gave an excellent example of when you tweet at a brand and they don’t say anything back you feel disconnected and basically ignored. Brands should both be sending messages but also listening to what consumers are saying about them and creating a dialog with them. Personally I get a little giddy when I tweet at a celebrity or brand and they respond to my tweet or re-tweet it.

Getting to know your audience is the third step in establishing a good social media presence. Regardless of how big your brand is your never too big to listen to your customers. Weather is a simple re-tweet or you address them on other social media platforms like Facebook, brands shouldn’t hesitate to listen and interact with customers  they may just learn something that proves useful in future endeavors.

Lastly be interesting! Give your followers something to laugh, cry, joke, and talk about. Post content that is both relevant to your brand but also entertaining enough to warrant a re-post or a re-tweet from a follower. Chances are that if you can make something that people will genuinely find interesting your brands popularity and over all image will greatly improve. Getting an emotional response from a follower will go a long way in establishing a larger social media presence and one that people will actually care about.




8 thoughts on “Business Branding: 4 Ways To Set Your Social Media On Fire

  1. This post points out various tips for companies to boost their Social Media awareness and make it successful. I found the last tip really interesting. No matter how outgoing, transparent, or knowledgable about your audience, if your are not interesting, you consumers won’t follow you or even engage. However, I’m not saying that the previous tips are no important, all together can make any company very successful on social media. But keeping it interesting will bring in more consumers to the plate and therefore make your social media on fire. Great post, useful tips.

  2. Companies could benefit from this article, its a good starting point but I think each company also has to add a sense of personality to their brands to individualize themselves from other brands on social media. It helps for companies to have these general tips of showing whose behind the brand, engaging your audience, getting to know your audience, and be interesting but its also important to be more specific and planning the information that will be shared.

    I think this is an interesting idea, as a result of social media being swamped with companies it is hard to set your brand apart but its really important to stay true to your brand personality.

  3. i agree with what you wrote about engagement. learned from my Annotated Bibliography that when trying to get more followers on twitter, quality content leads to engagement which leads to more people re tweeting your tweets which increases the people following your brand on twitter .

  4. Getting to know your audience and interaction are key. So many times companies go on social platforms and the interaction is one way. If companies ask a question, they should follow up in the comments, and same with Twitter, they need to retweet. The companies that do that are the real winners on Social Media Marketing.

  5. I thought the most important aspect was the ‘be interesting.’ Personally I will not follow anyone who doesn’t interest me in their posts or tweets. I enjoy reading things that provide an image of what the brand is, while still keeping me hooked. The accounts with the most followers are generally the most talked about within social circles.

  6. I really enjoyed tip number one. Most people can tell when a brand is being honest and when they are trying to increase business. People are more likely to engage with a brand they can connect and have an open relationship with.

  7. This is a great article about branding. I think that most marketers really forget to engage their audience. A lot of social media marketing consists of planning tweets and posts that will encourage some action from followers. Marketers must understand that it is equally important to listen (read) as it is to post/tweet.

  8. Great article choice. This grabbed my attention initially because it had a title that immediately drew me in. I am a social media intern for the American Diabetes Association and this list of tips is greatly appreciated for the work I do every day. Not only did I benefit from this article, but companies could as well. Businesses need to know how to brand their company in a successful way.

    Lately, I have been working in my internship to engage my audience. By sharing relevant content, I have been asking followers and fans their opinions on the content shared and gotten great feedback. This article was very helpful!

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