Bluefin Labs, now part of Twitter


Bluefin Labs Logo

Bluefin Labs has been acquired by Twitter. The TV analytics company has been in the game since 2008, providing a way to measure ratings on TV and see how well branding for platforms has been. So what exactly does this mean for Twitter? A lot.

This partnership is going to open a lot of new ways to provide not only effective social TV, but a way to measure it. The fact that the data will be measurable is the biggest news about this new acquisition. Again, what the point of developing new way to provide interactivity with brands if there’s no way to measure how successful your attempts are?

You can see just with current programing how things are being measured up on their site. Last night, NBA Basketball reached 544k Comments with 291 million Impressions. This is pretty cool, right?

The best part of this acquisition is the integration with Nielsen TV ratings.

This acquisition reflects our commitment to the social TV market, and builds on our exclusive partnership with Nielsen announced in December to develop the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, the centerpiece of social TV measurement based on Nielsen’s SocialGuide platform.

For those that are unfamilar with the Nielsen TV Rating platform, it’s the audience measurement system in place that was developed in an effort determine the audience size and composition of TV programming in the United States.

Essentially this means, down the road, Twitter is going to be used in conjunction with other tools to determine the effectiveness of TV Brands.

This is a great thing for shows like Community, which has a huge cult following on the internet and Twitter, but just has lacked in the ratings department even though last nights premiere seemed to do well. #sixseasonsandamovie

5 thoughts on “Bluefin Labs, now part of Twitter

  1. I’m excited to see how this relationship turns out; I think it would be really cool to develop ratings this way, especially involving Nielson, Over the summer, I worked at a media firm that allowed me to utilize Nielson ratings to purchase the best spots for commercials for a client. The ratings were especially useful when making decisions because of the demographic features. Having a new rating system using social media could open many doors for media and advertising firms; they could buy spots that are more relevant online and to audiences that are more targeted. I think social media could be the new frontier for gathering information for ratings and would involve more individuals than the Nielson research already does. Good post!

  2. I think that this relationship will benefit a lot of companies. Since more TV shows are linking to online platforms, it is important to measure if your efforts are working. I think this will also help increase television ratings as well. Since companies can now see if their marketing efforts are working, they can correct them or keep them the same. Since Nielson is using social media, you are able to target a wider audience. A lot of people post their ratings on social media so I think this will be a start to a very good relationship.

  3. the Nielsen ratings are completely out of date. Back in the 1990’s the highest rated shows had ratings in the 20’s. in 2011- 2012 television season the highest show had a rating of 12 due to the fact that people are watching TV online, more people have more than basic cable, the invention of the Reality TV Show, and the success of the Fox television Network. This has led to more cable channels to have successful scripted series like Mad Men on AMC or Girls on HBO.

  4. Well, 2013 is supposed to be the year of data gathering and analyses. The fact that Twitter can provide a service based entirely around measurements of effective TV advertisements shows that Twitter, at least, believes this to be true.

  5. TV analytic and Twitter should fit hand and hand. If twitter can successfully make this relationship work, then they can get the edge on a lot of companies. Sharing the data via Twitter will provide Twitter users with first hand information on the TV shows that they watch. Being able to see how effective marketing tactics actually are provides a company with the insight it needs to be effective on a long term basis.

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