Social Media Breathes New Life Into Branded Content

I was recently reading this article on Here

The article speaks towards the outbreak of social media and how quickly it has become a vital role in advertising and marketing. With every new type of technology we come across there are always some positive and negative ways of using it. Most importantly this article speaks about proper brand portrayal on social media sites.

The pointers this sight gives regarding social branding of a company on social media sites are:

Develop a voice. You don’t mess around with your logo, so be focused in creating a pitch-perfect social media presence.

Embrace the nuances. Consumers are smart, so branded content should be subtle.

Be seen at all the right parties. Where your content is published matters. Be sure to research the sites and outlets your customers frequent and respect.

Get it out there. This is where social media is your best friend. Get a real distribution plan for your branded content and execute it well — in some cases, you may even want to consider using a content distribution platform.

Tailor content to the social media platform. For example, post photos on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram; promote text on Facebook and news on Twitter.

Developing a voice on social media for a brand is key. Take into account companies like Geico who use an animal to portray its voice.


Animals are perfect because not only do they catch everyones attention but it gives the company a humanlike voice. Like the article states, consumers are smart, so it is important to make sure that the company sticks to one voice or else there will be much confusion within the company brand. Social media is special in the sense that it can be viewed by anyone at anytime. However, it is important for the company to make sure that they target their social media ads to the type of customers they are trying to sell too. Marketing demographics and psychographics play a big role in deciding target markets for the companies. It is most important to stay prominent on the net works to keep all the companies loyal followers informed. Customers are very loyal to the products they use and are always up to see posts by the company as long as it is within the brand. Finally, tailoring the content to each social media network is extremely important as well. Most companies are hiring people to only keep up with their social media networks day in and day out. This way posts are always thoughtful and meaningful to better satisfy the customer. Overall, social media branding and marketing is here to stay and it is important that companies embrace it correctly.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Breathes New Life Into Branded Content

  1. This is a very good article on how to make sure your brand is working effectively. Personally I think that brand voice is very important, and it is also important to keep the voice consistent. Geico is a great example of this, since they use an animal, people recognize their brand. Also the voice of the Geico is very recognizable. I also think is it important to research your social media outlets. I definitely agree that you should adjust your voice deepening on the platform. The content distribution program would be very beneficial for large companies. It is almost cheaper for a company to pay for a system than to pay an employee to post to social media platforms all day.

  2. Overall, these are great tips for branding your business through social media. I believe it is especially important to tailor the content to the varying social media platforms. I do not mean that the brand personalities should be totally different depending on the platform, I mean how the information is presented.

  3. Branding your company through social media is important to establish early. With social media being a dominant force within a marketing industry, it’s free and easily accessible. Companies should immediately try to make their social media presence felt in order to increase a loyal consumer base.

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