Protect Privacy on Facebook

ABC news recently released an article on Facebook privacy and the 7 things people should do in order to protect that privacy. Personally, I think if you’re using Facebook then privacy might not be at the top of your priority list in the first place.

The first way is to change your name on your profile. Whether that is giving yourself a nickname, or having a completely made up name is up to you. Changing your name on Facebook defeats the purpose of Facebook in my opinion. People will not be able to look you up and communicate with you as need be. I just don’t see the point in having a Facebook account if you aren’t going to portray yourself.

Another suggestion in keeping the privacy is changing your age. In the case of if you’re being targeted by an identity thief then yes this would be a reasonable solution. Changing the date or year could potentially keep people from posting Happy Birthday on your wall on your actual birthday, so I guess if you don’t want that, change your birthday on your account.

Make sure that you do not put any credit card numbers in association with your Facebook. There’s plenty of apps out there that allow in app buys with access to a credit card. This one is fairly obvious but a large number of Facebook users often buy items within a Facebook app, which allows for a hacker to have easy access to your card.

To round out the ones that make sense to do, another way is to make sure you don’t post every location you’ve ever been at on Facebook. Tagging yourself in photo’s with the exact location is a good way for someone to know a lot about you and your habits. I don’t use this feature but I know people can let everyone know the exact moment they walk into a location via Facebook post.

These four examples are enough reason to not have Facebook if you actually have to ponder them over. The last way was to deactivate your account, which makes sense if you went through the trouble of the first 6 steps. To me, Facebook is a very public network that should respect privacy, but ultimately won’t do it justice. If you really want privacy, then posting pictures of the night before probably won’t help that cause.

Here’s the complete 7 steps for anyone interested.


2 thoughts on “Protect Privacy on Facebook

  1. I found this article very helpful. Facebook keeps changing their privacy policies and owning more and more rights to our photos, etc. This article, and summary gave great points on what to do to keep yourself and your Facebook account as private as your can. A lot of these steps I already do but a few I need to address. Such as changing your age. After reading this article I did not put a birth date year to keep my actual age private. This was a great choice for an article and analysis and I think will benefit everyone in class!

  2. I found the article extremely helpful as well. I know personally I had not previously read the privacy policy on Facebook and from what I have read through this article they are not very good. I definitely plan on using this to help better protect myself in the future.

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