Should Companies Jump on the Myspace Bandwagon?

Myspace, the social media burn out of the mid-2000’s, is making a comeback with the help of Justin Timberlake. While the entertainment-based social community site is geared towards entertainers, specifically musicians, many companies are dealing the question of whether to jump on the new platform. Social Media Examiner put together a good article on the figuring out if you should create a Myspace profile as a brand.

Disclaimer: if you are a musician, entertainer, or record label, disregard the rest of this article and get your profile created on Myspace. However, if you aren’t in the entertainment area, keep reading!

Currently when you sign up with the new Myspace, you have to put yourself into a category such as musician, photographer, filmmaker, etc… What you should focus on is the  “brand” category. This is for the non-entertainers, and allows companies unrelated to the entertainment business a chance into the new Myspace.

Setting up your profile on Myspace is just like any other site, add your information and if you want to connect with Twitter/etc.. It’s also very similar to Facebook in the way you add posts/upload photos.

The only downside of the article is that it does not tie in very much brand discussion. I believe that most large companies should get on Myspace immediately, if nothing else but to hold their spot if Myspace takes off. However, it could become similar to Google+ and not gain that much traction. What the new Myspace has going for it is the ability of music management, especially for independent venues. However, this is a saturated market already, if Myspace wants to get the user base they are going to have to a really offer good features for both the entertainer/entertainee. As for the brand, I believe there is a market. If you are in the entertainment industry you should absolutely be on creating a profile and generating content. With their post system, this could really give brands a good platform to do content marketing, maybe even more so than Facebook. For the rest of the industries, it would be worth creating a solid content plan but whether it will be effective will rely on the growth of the new platform.

In conclusion, get on Myspace, establish a profile, and do metric testing, if it works – it works, if not, focus elsewhere.

8 thoughts on “Should Companies Jump on the Myspace Bandwagon?

  1. I can see why certain companies should get onto Myspace. Game companies could share their music, Best Buy type companies could share what type of new music they have in store. However, what about companies like Burger King? I can’t see them having any reason to put resources into MySpace. The atmosphere of that platform is based entirely on sharing music and other forms of entertainment. If a company cannot provide that to the users, why should they bother?

    • Well I would say it’s main focus is sharing music, but it’s an entertainment platform. So companies like Burger King should get on Myspace under the category “brand”, this would allow them to share their commercials, videos, pictures, etc… I think Myspace has the platform setup to not ignore other industries and personal brands.

  2. It will be interesting to see if the new Myspace is successful. I feel as if the new Myspace is very similar to the old one. The only reason that people still had accounts were to access new up and coming artists. It seems this new platform discourages not only brands but even users from having a Myspace. People that are not artistic might be discourage by having to label themselves.

  3. This new Myspace may intrigue some people, but i’m not seeing what they are doing to lure people to the site. It’s doesn’t seem like they are providing anything groundbreaking to a social networking site. I surprisingly was able to log into my Myspace account from around 6 years ago and my profile was still the same, didn’t look much different from when I left. I feel if they are going to make a comeback then they have to really try to come up with a new concept.

  4. Currently, I don’t see a benefit for most businesses to be on Myspace. I think that it is safer for companies to wait until there is a strong presence on the social media site before they invest time and money.

  5. I don’t see a reason for businesses to be on MySpace as well. First off, MySpace’s overall popularity and presence is not as strong as it used to be, and is not as strong as Facebook and Twitter. If i were a business I would keep an eye on MySpace for a while and see how it grows before choosing to put advertising dollars into it.

    • I have to agree. MySpace is dead and gone. Just because they have a new look does not mean people are going to sling-shot back to their social media roots. They left MySpace for a reason and companies should not waste their time and money on a dead social media platform.

  6. I think that MySpace is a great idea for music and entertainment companies. I love Facebook and Twitter, but I always miss that feature from MySpace that allows you to have a song playing when someone visits your page. It was a fun feature and added a feeling to your profile. I think getting on MySpace is a great idea for people in entertainment. It could also give aspiring young musicians and artists a forum to display their music.

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