Social Media and success in the Cosmetic Industry

            The total revenue of cosmetics industry in the United States alone is 53.70 billion dollars and seems to growing. What does this mean for companies, who now have to focus on multiple platforms to attract customers? Well according to Estee Lauder, it means putting more money into digital marketing in hopes of seeing even more sales. With companies like MAC, Bobbi Brown, and the newly acquired Smashbox Cosmetics, Estee Lauder has its hands in many different niche markets that need different advertising to be successful (

            So how do companies like Estee Lauder, which encompasses so many other brands, keep up with each brands needs? Simple, they understand and accept each brand needs a different kind of advertising to succeed. The company realizes how MAC produces multiple limited edition that do well with promotion through blogs and other social media sites. Other brands, such as Estee Lauder itself, benefit mostly from TV and only producing a few products launches a year. Ensuring that there is enough engagement for the product to have influencers is vital to improve any brands social media prowess.

            But what is the future for Estee Lauder and its individual brands? Creating a stronger social play environment will be incredibly beneficial. Social play, in this case, is interacting with the customer from the companies stand point. Making sure that customers can ask a company, on say Twitter, for a look for Valentines day or how to incorporate a brands new cream shadow into a smokey eye is great for both the consumer and the company. Continuing and expanding on social play could help companies for years to come, especially if they can intertwine with not only social media sites but bloggers and TV shows. Mobile may also become a new standard for beauty purchases. Understanding how customers are using their phones to connect and browse products, helps Estee Lauder understand how to best work with their customers social media wants and needs.

            In short, any and all companies need to focus on what types of social media their customers respond best to. In doing this, they will become more successful within their markets. Looking into the differences between social media sites, and what the future could be, will also bring out successful advertising campaigns. 

5 thoughts on “Social Media and success in the Cosmetic Industry

  1. I haven’t read many posts about the different kinds of social marketing tactics for different niche markets. I’m glad this was brought up because it’s a big component for this topic.

    “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”… This is a common term, and makes sense to an extent. But, just because the mediums chosen for each brand have worked in the past- why not try something new? – maybe TV ads for Mac and online blogging for Estee Lauder will work! Who knows? This company is staying content where they are but new opportunities and possible revenue could be rolling in along with the surprise that sticking to old ways is equaling out to old results.

  2. I agree with Stephanie Meyer above. There were not many articles pertaining to specific markets on the blog and this one relates specifically to females so it grabbed my attention.

    The article mentioned how Estee Lauder not only uses major social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but also uses country specific social networking sites such as Orkut in Brazil and RenRen in China. That was smart of Estee Lauder because Facebook is worldwide, but that doesn’t mean everyone worldwide is on it when their are other social networks specific for countries. Reading this also made me look into those sites! Great article choice!

  3. I do not know much about the cosmetics industry, but based on this article I can see why they utilize social media. Beyond the obvious points of making your new product go viral, it also allows for feedback from customers about changes they do not like or that they adore. Good post, Dork.

  4. I also really like the topic of niche marketing and the idea of different marketing techniques for different brands under the same corporate umbrella. I think marketing and brand positioning are especially crucial to the cosmetics industry because it is hard to distinguish the difference between products that are so similar; without having a strong brand perception to customers, brand loyalty may be difficult to achieve. Another cosmetics company that provides value to their consumers is Sephora – a company that does great marketing a variety of brands. I especially like their mobile app that allows you to choose different brands of nail polishes and “try them on”. Good post!

  5. Being a guy cosmetics isn’t the best topic for me to discuss, but this is another example of effective social media marketing in an industry. The feedback for customers to leave allows for companies to effectively change what needs to be changed in order to be successful. The mobile application widens the horizon to allow consumers the option of having the information in their hand at all times.

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