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If you have been following the recent news in online happenings, you are most likely familiar with the hacktivist group, Anonymous.  They are a “Legion” as the group’s motto claims, fighting for constitutional justice and internet freedom primarily within the United States.  The group has incredible intelligence and their capabilities are even greater.  They have hacked into numerous corporation and organizational websites and social media, they leave threatening messages for any group that has been targeted by them with cryptic promises of oblivion if their demands are not met.  Many masses would agree that so far, their intentions have been just, and their actions non-threatening to the safety and security of Americans.  They claim to only utilize their abilities in times of true need for the greater good of all people.

Most recently on Friday Jan 25, the group Anonymous hacked into UCCIS.GOV, the site responsible for publishing…

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  1. While Anonymous has done some good “eye for an eye” type of stunts and revenge on pedophiles, should we really be applauding people who break laws? Social media wise, you’re grasping at straws to make this connection. Anonymous isn’t a brand to be bought or sold, they’re a group of hackers. Plain and simple, they’re not what any company should be investing in, especially Reddit. Reddit and Anonymous aren’t friends and do not play well together.

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