Content Marketing: Why it is Important and How to do it


What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing is a marketing technique that uses content to attract, acquire, and engage a specific target audience. Through the use of valuable content and including call to actions, content marketing can lead to profitable customer action.
Content Marketing is not about selling your product or service to a consumer, but rather communicating and engaging with them. The main belief behind content marketing is that if a company provides enough valuable information that is consistent, the reward would be loyalty and trust towards the company.
Content marketing is not new, it has existed for hundreds of years. Therefore, Content Marketing is the NOW and the Future:
One of the key factors that make content marketing so powerful is the story, in other words, the content.
What Is Good ContentGood content has to be relevant to your target audience and your followers. It should be engaging and educational. Make sure you are providing your audience with an experience that is going to gain their trust and earn you credibility.

Keep in mind that Content Marketing requires constant attention. You have to have people dedicated to monitoring your social channels and being responsive to those that are talking about you.

Brands used to be able pay for their audience, ie TV commercials, radio commercials, etc but now, brands have to focus on earning your attention. It is so easy for anyone to create a content channel that connects the brand with the target audience.  Even small companies with limited resources can utilize content through the use of iPhones, cameras and other technologies.

Why Content Marketing is Important

One of the main benefits of Content Marketing is the fact that it is inexpensive.
With technology ever growing, and the availability of diverse channels of social media, it gives the consumer power to generate content. Therefore, companies need to focus in acquiring their audience through engaging content.

Also, through content marketing, you earn the audience’s trust and can then have them share the content which exponentially increase brand awareness and traffic website.

Goals For Content Marketing

Generate Brand Awareness: Content marketing is a great tool to generate brand awareness. By providing thoughtful information, companies can communicate to the consumer about the brand.

Customer Acquisition or Lead Conversation:  If there is enough engaging content, this may encourage the consumer to provide information about themselves and even sign up for demos, or register for e-newsletter. Once the company has this information, they can then provide content that is relative to them, creating a relationship with the consumer.

Customer Retention/Loyalty: Engaging a consumer is only part of of the content marketing plan. One of the main goals in content marketing is for subscribers to share the companies stories and in turn be loyal consumers. Ways to retain customer include: customer e-newsletter or printed newsletter and a print or tablet magazine.

Passionate Subscribers: Ideally, if as a company, you have move consumers to regular customers, you have accomplished a lot in terms of content marketing. Therefore, content generated by satisfied or passionate consumers can be extremely useful and drives the company’s business goals. This can be seen when a community has been formed through the loyal and passionate consumers, where they blog, share, and fight for the brand itself. Have such a community is extremely important for a companies success.

Through all these goals, any company can truly grow and create a strong community amongst its consumers.

How to Measure Success

It is crucial for a company to measure its success so that they understand what is working and what is not.

Here are three tips to measure success for Content Marketing.

1. Measure: Constantly measure your success. There are various tools out there to measure the success of a company’s content marketing such as: Google Analytics, number of Likes, number of Share, unique users amongst others.

2. Track Results: Realize how many people are talking about your brand, creating content, sharing, and track its growth.

3. Continuously Refine: If something is not working in your strategy, take a step back, reorganize, brainstorm, and fix the problem. A company needs to constantly refine their approach in this ever changing environment of social media.

Companies Who are Doing it Right
Coca-Cola is the king of storytelling in the content marketing world. On their website itself, Coca-Cola tells stories and has links to other brand related stories created by users themselves.

Also, Coca-Cola’s Facebook page is also another perfect example of how successful their content marketing is.
Red Bull
One of the most recognized energy drinks, Red Bull, targets alternative lifestyles and sports. Red Bull’s content is usually powered by its social media and constantly upload videos of sporting events on their website.  In an article by Mark Sherbin, he explains how successful Red Bull is.

“Pretty much everything. The company creates written content, sponsors events large and small, develops videos, takes shareable photos — and does it all with the same level of passion with which its audience consumes that content. In addition, the brand’s website is well organized, with a clear theme and plenty of exclusive articles and videos.”

Also, Red Bull’s Youtube page is filled with content generated by users and consumers.

Our Views:
Our entire view on advertising is changing. Nowadays, media channels are extremely diverse and it is so easy for anyone to own a channel. Consumer’s are more tech savvy than ever and it is easy for them to ignore advertisements or avoid them. No longer can you just pay for an advertisement on the TV, the radio,  in magazines, or any other form of outbound marketing for that matter to gain an audience. Free time, or time in general rather, is finite and if you want attention then you have to earn it. Consumer’s don’t want to just hear a story, they want to be apart of the story and that it where your strategy must start.

For more information visit:

Content Marketing Institute


3 thoughts on “Content Marketing: Why it is Important and How to do it

  1. At this point in marketing, I would almost say SEO is going to the wayside. Google has become so intelligent with it’s search algorithms that meta tags, alts, and all other strategies for SEO are falling behind and the new algorithm is focused around content marketing, social interaction and internet buzz. Definitely an important tool that more companies need to focus on.

  2. I think that content marketing is a fantastic marketing strategy. It allows the customers to gain a knowledge of the business, while interacting with it, and building a standpoint on that business. On the business side, it is getting customers to remember your product or business with the experience they had with your content. Good post.

  3. Content marketing is effective when used properly. Customer interaction is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. Being able to feel involved with a companies efforts to include their consumer base allows for more credibility for the company.

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