Wading into Social Waters: 5 Steps for B2B Social Media Success

The marketing world has been revolutionized and reinvented in the last decade with the advent of Social Media. For many companies, the transition into digital media and marketing was easy; B2C companies quickly saw rampant success with social media marketing campaigns. For B2B companies, this new market meant exploring uncharted waters, with very little means for tracking ROI. Some B2Bs took the initiative and ventured into this new frontier, while others remained skeptical. Time has shown us that social media is in fact a lucrative way to reach customers while also engaging with employees, enriching the experience of all players involved.

As time has progressed, marketers have discovered an added bonus to developing social media profiles; popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and the almighty Google favor companies with developed, active social media presences. To these search engines, relevance to the user is king, so aside from high-quality website content, social networks have rapidly become a key factor in attaining a high rank on the search engines. Though links that are provided via social media are almost always “no-follow,” well-crafted, engaging social media content has been known to improve the credibility of a brand.

In order to position any brand as an authority within the industry they serve, marketers need to be generating content in the places their audience is listening, with as many links to their profiles as possible, which will then link to our website. In terms of search engine optimization, the more quality, relevant links to your site, the better you will look. In order to make this a reality, you need to use the tools necessary to take you to the next level.

In a recent webinar, Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot outlines 5 Steps to Social Media Success

1.Get the Basics Right

• Build your reach

o Follow, Friend, Connect

• Share lots of links

o “The shelf life of a social media post is 3 hours. You wouldn’t pour a glass of milk, leave it sitting all day, and expect it to still be good; the same is true with social media.”

• Leverage existing contacts

o Mine other existing address books, social media connections, corporate connections

• Email campaigns

o Spread the word to everyone your company has ever come in contact with and ask them to follow your social media profiles

2. Maximize Content Discovery

• Create content

• Share it consistently

• Monitor it diligently

• Prioritize engagement

• Build content calendar

o Create both daily and weekly calendars, plan out the content you want to release, articles you want to share ahead of time

• Build a social “thank you page”

o An automatic message that gets sent out when a new connection is made

3. Create Conversion Ubiquity

• Send out uniform messages across media

• Generate the same calls-to-action throughout

4. Test & Fail Fast

• Set a clear qualitative objective

• Set methodology for gathering data for successful

• Use analytics to determine what campaigns are working, what are not

• Determine course of action to proceed based on analytics results

5. Optimize for Maximum Leads

• Determine traffic and conversion rates

• Conduct tests

• Increase content volume

Although many B2Bs have begun to test the social media waters in the last few years, there is an abundance of opportunity for expansion. Social media is the wave of the future for marketing. Those companies that are able to ride that wave will be the ones that rise to the top, while the others struggle to remain afloat.

4 thoughts on “Wading into Social Waters: 5 Steps for B2B Social Media Success

  1. Steps for B2B Social Media Success are very important. For my internship at the American Diabetes Association we are aiming to succeed through social media for B2B with our sponsors all the time. We follow, friend, and connect with all our sponsors and local businesses that help out with the tour de cure. I have learned how important it is to do this. As soon as you follow or friend someone, you are bound to receive the same in return making it able to connect easily. The article also mentions how you should share lots of links. I agree. We share content and links to relevant articles to the American Diabetes Association and topics our followers are interested in.

  2. I think that B2B marketing tips are a little less heard of, which makes this article really interesting. It helps business learn how to successfully market with other companies and not just its customers. This helps build brand personality as well as success in the future and these tips seem very helpful in a business standpoint. I wonder if there are more relevant articles on this subject and just how helpful this has been.

  3. Good post! Many businesses do not engage in business to business relations unless they have to. I think that doing so on a non “have too” basis makes your company look more professional and allows for more connections and a better power base. I like these steps and think more businesses should utilize them.

  4. I thought the test and fail step was the most important. Reminds me of a trial and error kind of approach that should be utilized by more companies. This tends to smooth out the bumps of any plan in order to create the highest performance and easy success rate. Business to business relations should be able to test each other to provide the best services available to them.

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