TD Bank Breaks Social Marketing Mold

Many brands choose not to use Google+ because of low engagement. TD Bank has now produced ninety six various videos to be published on new Google+ local pages for its different locations in New York City.  These videos include interviews with the manages and on-site location footage of the stores.

TD Bank is not buying search ads to draw traffic to their new Google+ pages.  This content will be used in hyper-locally targets display ads where residents of the Big Apple would see the video for their local bank after clicking on the ad. There is no promise from Google+ and Google about the placement of TD Bank’s Google+ pages but TD Bank is hoping to rank prominently based on the effort being put forth to maintain them.  TD Bank is focusing on making their content more relevant and more interesting that it benefits them from a search perspective.

Currently, the highest ranked Google+ pages are celebrities.  When I think of advertising and social branding, I head straight to Facebook and Twitter.  Google+ is not on my mind.  Hopefully down the road, Google+ will gain awareness and popularity so TD Bank and other companies can use it in a way to boost search and overall social media success.

What do you think about Google+ as a medium for social media advertising and branding?

6 thoughts on “TD Bank Breaks Social Marketing Mold

  1. I think Google + will see a rise and TD Banks is getting a lead on a trend, since google+ is google it raises a businesses search optimization as well as allows you to track its social media progress. Increase search optimization is something all businesses would like to have.

  2. I agree with what you wrote. I don’t think I have even ever been on Google + before. Saying that I do not believe that it is the proper place to try and promote a business at this time. There is no way it can be as effective as Facebook or twitter. Like you said, maybe it will be in the future, but as of right now it is not even close.

  3. I’m concerned that Google is going to give preference to search results to people/companies on Google+ to draw people to the platform. Obviously they’re a company so they can do what they want but it should be interesting to see if there are negative connotations with these preferences.

  4. After watching a few of the videos made by TD Bank, I think this is a great campaign utilizing Google +. Google + seems to be the best channel because TD Bank would have to create thousands of profiles to create a local online environment for users. The videos truly engage local customers and humanize the brand. TD Bank is certainly taking advantage of the search engine optimization benefits Google + provides to its users and I think they are smart for doing so. As more businesses and individuals see the value of the search engine benefits, more users will consistently use the social media site. Good post!

  5. I have a Google + account and have never even checked it out. The account came with a laptop I bought but I’ve never really had the incentive to actually get into Google +. For TD Bank to put such an effort into Google + doesn’t seem like the best strategy when looking at it’s popularity.

  6. I feel Google+ isn’t as common as of right now as the “go-to” but I myself have a Google+ account also; I find it as a possible medium for social advertising and branding in the future, but currently it does not seem to have quite the name for exactly that. It seems to be the opposite of that currently from my opinion but that may always change.

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