Social Media and Televised Award Shows


When searching online for an article about social media, I came across this one article that caught my attention. Can Social Networking Accurately Predict Oscar Winners? by Dorothy Pomerantz. According to the article, they believe that the buzz on social networks about movies and celebrities in general can help predict the winners for this years Oscars. They use the information that they find on social media to learn who is popular right now and what people think about a celebrity or Oscar nominee. They then use the information they gather and compare it to last years results to see if this years results will be accurate although they know they can not get a result of 100%.

ImageAfter reading this article, I got to thinking. Can social media really predict winners? I feel as if this situation is really hit or miss. With so much sharing and tweeting and just in general talk on social media websites, you can not be sure what is being said is true. Someone could say that a certain movie was the best movie of the year on their Facebook status, but when it comes to voting for a category that the “best movie ever” is in, they may not even vote for it because there might be another movie they love in that category. Then their is Facebook likes. Those can’t give us an accurate reading either since sometimes we like a page just to like it but never become active on it.  Sometimes people don’t share what their favorite movie, actor or celebrity is. So we have to account for those people as well.

But what about those who do not use social media? Doesn’t their opinions matter too? Those who do not use social media also watch movies and have their opinions on celebrities, so wouldn’t their opinions need to count as well when determining the winners? In my opinion, social media can give someone a small idea about who the winners may be but they will never be 100% accurate. Social media is used to determine a lot of opinions of others but we have to remember that not everyone is their true self on social media. A lot of people exaggerate, lie or just say stuff in general to get a rouse out of others. So do I think it can predict winners? Maybe it can or give you some winners, but definitely not all.

22 thoughts on “Social Media and Televised Award Shows

  1. I agree with you that social media can’t be the sole reasoning behind who wins. A lot of people don’t use social media and a lot of people do lie or say things even when they don’t mean them. So, I think the amount of people who like a certain person is taken into perspective, but I don’t think it is the absolute factor behind who is chosen.

    • I almost wonder if it is based on talk about the movie or the likes on Facebook.But either way I agree, that shouldn’t be the factors they use to predict the winners.

  2. I agree with what has been said in the post, where social media can give slight ideas but I would not rely on social media as a means to determine the winners for the Oscars. Social media is great in terms of keeping up constantly with the latest, but at the same time that varies from people to people. Social Media also may swing biased information based on what others may have said prior. People are not always active, and browse social media to see what may appear to be the latest, while the viewer is not giving their own opinion.

    • I totally agree. They could be using information that may be considered old to determine the winners when in reality that isn’t accurate. I might like a movie or actor on Facebook last year and totally forget about them when it comes around to this years Oscars.

  3. Social media should never determine the outcome of something like the Oscars. However, I do think that social media allows people to be influenced too much sometimes. On that note I do think that social media could effect people’s opinions on a movie so much that they would consider changing their views based on what their friends and family are saying about the same movie via social media.

    • I agree with you in a way but I think the comments from friends and family only will make them do further research on that movie and actor but doesn’t necessarily mean that will cause them to change their opinion automatically. But this is a flip flop situation since you never know how much social media can effect the outcomes of the Oscars.

  4. I agree that social media cannot be relied upon to accurately predict the outcome of the Oscars. Winners are determined by a small panel of people and their decisions do not necessarily represent the popular vote. Just because the majority of people on social media think that certain films and actors should win, does not mean that this small group of judges feels the same way.

    • I agree! The opinion of those on social media will most likely not meet the opinion of the judges for the Oscars or any other award show.

  5. I had never thought about this before! Maybe the different award shows will create a “Most Popular in Social Media” category for the future. I’m not sure that would fit into a show like the Oscars, but definitely the People’s Choice Awards or the MTV awards show.

    • That is a good idea! I didn’t think of that when I was writing my response but I totally agree with you. Making a category like that will make more sense to this article to me rather than them gathering data for the Oscars.

  6. Honestly I think Social Media is “bull” when `deciding on Oscar nominees or winners. This is because in Social Media like the post said above, it’s all about opinions on Social Media that they care about. I feel like the head board or the top people who run the nominees just do a popularity poll. Like for example when Kanye

  7. …When Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift when he thought Beyonce should have won the award but honestly Taylor Swift was the most popular artist for that year!

    • I agree with you. Social media should NOT be the determining factor of any winners. Social media is used for so many things but certain things it shouldn’t be used for and shouldn’t be used for everything.

  8. I really liked your summary of this article. Also I can not agree more that this is a simple indication on who may be an award winner but one can never fully have a 100% guarantee that the results will come back an exact answer. For instance I do not use Facebook as a tool to let people know my likes and dislikes in popular media. I personally use Facebook to interact with my friends and honestly post jokes that I have created to try and see the feedback from my friends. I don’t even allow my family to follow me on Facebook this is because what people need or want to know from me I will tell them in person I have no reason to post my personal life on Facebook. So with that said I completely agree with you when you say that this is not a good metric to look at when gauging potential award winners. Not everyone is on them and not everyone shares their likes and interests.

    • You make a good point. You don’t have to post everything on a social media site and if someone wants to know something about you they can just ask you in real life. A lot of people rely heavily on social media to share everything and that shouldn’t be the case. I believe it is actually reducing human interaction.

  9. I think social media is a great tool for identifying public opinion but most award shows, outside of people’s choice, are decided by committees, academies, and so forth. I’m not familiar with the criteria that these organizations use but it probably goes past just what’s popular. People were really impressed on social media with Lupita Nyong’o’s performance in 12 Years A Slave, but she did not take home a Golden Globe .People were outraged that she didn’t win and there was a lot of buzz on social media about how her performance was so deserving of the opposite. As I was writing this, I watched her win an Oscar for best supporting actress for the film. Maybe the academy took public opinion into social media, maybe not.

    • Good observation! Maybe they did! But who knows. Maybe different committees just have different opinions when determining winners.

  10. I think that using social media would be a good way in determining who people like. It should be used and taken into account not to completely determine who the winner is. I agree that people will like things just to like things on social media and are not active with that page. Because of this social media can’t be an accurate measure. Social media is a good way to determine who is popular but not a good way to determine a winners on award shows.

  11. They can’t determine winners of course, but they can certainly predict the winners. If you think about it, the fans are the people that are so consumed in these movies and they watch it numerous times and most of the time, I’m sure their predictions turn out to be true. It’s also a great way to engage because it’s entertaining to see who’s trending on Twitter or which celebrity everyone’s talking about.

  12. I too agree that contests such as this should not be determined by the opinions of amateurs at best. There are a lot of experience and more technical know-how that goes into such decisions. I’d be willing t bet that most people who give there Oscar nominee opinions on Facebook and the like, have never taken an acting or film class. They have little to no credentials to stand behind, and therefore are simply not qualified for official votes.

    A similar instance happened in the 2009 Winter X Games Big Air Snowboarding event. They decided to try out the text-to-vote method for the winner. The viewer generated results put Travis Rice at the top with a double cork backside rodeo 1080 however the landing wasn’t clean, while Torstein Horgmo came in second with a more technical switch backside 1260. Travis’ trick may have looked more impressive, however the sloppy landing of his trick along with Torstein’s more technical trick, should’ve easily sealed the deal for Torstein.

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