Posted in March 2014

Soundcloud Optimization   The above article offers seven tips for getting the most exposure as possible on the SoundCloud platform, the social network made for sharing sounds and music with friends and fans around the world. Usually, these types of articles don’t typically offer sufficient explanation and cover only surface level topics. However, I think the … Continue reading

Top Social Media Trends From Mintel

Mintel, a London-based market research firm, recently came out with 5 top social media trends of this quarter, which are discussed in this article. Some of those trends have actually been trending for many months, even years now. However, their continuous success only reinforces them as good marketing strategies. 1. Find your niche. You may be … Continue reading

The pleasure of sharing

Turns out sharing things on social media gives you the same rewarding pleasure as sex, food, and exercise. It makes sense that when you share things on social media, its rewarding. Before, whenever you wanted to share an idea or something cool you saw somewhere, you would have to wait  until you saw the people … Continue reading

Tough Lessons to Becoming a Socially Engaged Brand

Tough Lessons to Becoming a Socially Engaged Brand

Social Media is changing the way brands communicate with their customers. In a recent study the company MasterCard took on a project to become the highest connected and socially engage brand in the payments market. MasterCard wanted to better connect with their stakeholders and have the public “gossiping” about MasterCard beyond cash. During MasterCard’s mission … Continue reading

Social Media Use in Law Enforcement

Police Turn to Social Media to Fight Crime, Dispel Rumors When I first read the title of this article, “Police Turn to Social Media to Fight Crime, Dispel Rumors”, I was captivated by it due to the recent banning of social media websites in countries such as Turkey and Ukraine. The prime ministers of these … Continue reading

New Gender Options on Facebook

If you are a Facebook user in the United States, you now have many other gender options besides just “male” and “female”. Facebook worked with many different advocacy groups to come up with the new gender categories, some of which include “transgender”, “cisgender”, “intersex”, and “neither”. According to the former vice president of GLAAD, Allison … Continue reading

Supercharging Your Social Media Marketing

     With people spending a majority of their time online on social media websites it is clear that businesses can profit from their presence on these platforms. The article I found goes into detail about how companies can measure success with their social media efforts as well as gives other tips on how to … Continue reading

Facebook Gettin’ Your Mood Down?

Facebook is almost a necessity in most people’s lives. With millions of people online showing off their lives via photos, videos and friends, it’s no wonder people can get down on themselves. Studies done by Yale, University of California and Facebook shows that moods can be spread viral through social media such as Facebook. The … Continue reading

Facebook, Twitter and More: Which Social Platform Affects Your SEO? When looking at how social media affects that of your SEO, I found this particularly interesting and accurate. It takes into account how engagement among platforms and how that affects rankings within Google to what will determine search results. I believe that it is 100% accurate that everyone should not focus on one platform … Continue reading

Another New Look for Old Facebook

Another New Look for Old Facebook

Facebook has done it again. Yup, the social media giant takes another crack at tweaking their look. With so much backlash over each new design Mark and his team role out, you may wonder why the changes keep coming. Well this article shows what you can expect from this soon to be news feed touch up … Continue reading