Car Brands Missing out by Not Using Social Media as a Sales Tool

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While searching the internet for a social media article I found one that caught my eye. The article that I found is called Car Brands Missing Out By Not Using Social Media As Sales Tool by Sarah Vizard. Essentially this article is about how car brands such as Ford, Chevy, Mazda, Honda and such are just not using social media’s as a tool to generate sales. According to the article they believe that using social media is best suited for understanding and engaging with their customers. However, the question does come up, should car companies have a more integrated sales effort within social media?

I found this to be a very interesting question. Personally I think more car companies should be using social media such as youtube, Facebook, and twitter to help generate more sales. Heres the thing, everything is becoming integrated and going mobile and every company should be on board with such a movement. If you are the last company that jumps in on the social media bandwagon you will automatically be behind. Social media is meant to get your brand out there and build awareness, this happens through networking.

Not every social media will benefit car companies but there are some that can help facilitate more sales for the brand. Such as Facebook, if car companies begin using Facebook as a tool to promote their brand and reach out to the people who are fans of their brand they can get a lot more quality sales leads then just relying on people walking in. Television is no longer the main channel to receive information, the internet is here and it is booming so get on the train before it leaves you in the dust. The thing about social media is that it won’t necessarily hinder your brand or sales by being on them, however the more social media sites one brand is on the better the reach the company can create.

Either way if a car company decides to use social media as a way of understanding and engaging their customers or integrating them into a sales effort it is a win win situation in my book. See the thing is social media regardless of the effort can produce more awareness, which is great for a brand no matter what. Sometimes you can get negative feedback but that is if you are not properly using the social media tool or if you get some backlash on your advertising effort. Either way your brand  getting awareness is a plus, and this can lead to more sales.

So I leave you all with this question…Is using social media as a sales tool for car companies a positive or negative endeavor?

8 thoughts on “Car Brands Missing out by Not Using Social Media as a Sales Tool

  1. This made me think of BMW’s “Story of Joy” ad campaign that consisted of commercials that were relatively 6-8 minutes long on YouTube. BMW was trying to reach people who weren’t driving enthusiasts, but simply people who enjoyed life. However, it was considered a departure from their usual “The Ultimate Driving Machine” push in their commercials. From my perspective, I think they did a great job with the story long commercials on YouTube and I think it combined their motto of “The Ultimate Driving Machine” with the joy of life aspect. I did watch the one with Madonna’s driver who was driving “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and even showed it in the commercial by having Madonna come very close to flying out of the car as she was experiencing how fast the car was capable of going. Therefore, I definitely agree with you on car brands utilizing social media as a way of promoting themselves and reaching a different target market, such as the younger generation who are consistently using Twitter and Facebook. As BMW proved that YouTube is also a great source of social media in order to advertise their brand.

  2. I feel social media would be excellent especially since companies as mentioned such as mazda, honda, chevy and ford all have both higher and lower trim vehicles, we all know a majority of the population uses social media, and a lot being a younger crowd. These companies should be targeting that younger crowd (and older crowds) alike especially for the fact of how much time that they spend on social media. With a connection made on social media, it will remain with the potential buyer for when they see the “product” or auto.

  3. I Believe some of these car companies are already using social media platforms to develop hype for their products. A great example of this can be found with these video on youtube. This video, while for DC shoes, clearly shows giant ford logos on it and has garnished over 60 million views. Pepsi also has a social media video with a Chevrolet car being clearly visible in it I think that they are getting social media presence, just not directly.

  4. I think using social media for anything will benefit sales. So, for car companies I think it would do the same. I thought of the examples brought up in class about how JCPennies was using twitter during the Super Bowl to promote themselves by giving away mittens. Even though their idea kind of blew over with people thinking the tweeter was drunk, if a car company was to get in on twitter in a similar way it would be beneficial. Also, didn’t a car company retweet JCPennies saying if they were drunk they would bring them home? I don’t remember what car company said that but they were using social media to their advantage there!

  5. Ford actually has done a couple “Fiesta Movement” social media campaigns to promote their ford fiesta. The company gives a group of social media influencers a free Fiesta to drive around for six months so they can show off the vehicle to their followers. They get to do whatever they want with their free cars and document their experiences on the full spectrum of social media. I think they might also have had to do some challenges associated with the campaign as well. From my experience it was a lot of big youtubers that were picked to be “agents.” I thought this was a very interesting and social car campaign.

  6. It’s crazy for me to think about the fact that car sales are lacking in social media. I feel as though car companies are always pushing their cars at you whether it be in person at a dealership or through constant commercials. Why would they not be involved on social media sites? Honestly though I feel as though social media for them may not be drastically successful. It could increase sales a bit, but not a ton. I looked at the above campaigns some of you mentioned and found them to be very interesting. They were good but they didn’t convince me to buy their car. Buying a car is a big decision and I don’t think it’s something someone really decides to do based on something they saw on social media.

  7. I think when it comes to cars people rely more on word of mouth or experiences with that car type of company itself. I don’t think they necessarily need to be on social media because they have enough awareness from their commercials and it isn’t like no one knows their brand names. So I think this is an iffy topic to discuss because it can go either way

  8. I am by no means a car person. I know very little about the inner mechanics of a car and personally, my main interest when it comes to buying it price, which for me incorporates the dollar amount I pay the dealer, the MPG, and the overall lifespan of the car.

    So that being said there are two main things that come to mind when I think of car company reputations. Every car ad you see explains how this model has “x” amount of awards and is the best. On the flip side, when talking with people about cars, everyone has their “these car brands suck” list which are always different from one person to the next. So, which one do you believe? The company that knows the engineering behind the product? Or the customers that have varying opinions for varying reasons?

    Getting back to social media, I think the car companies should invest more into at least the basics of Twitter and Facebook. However, I think where the car companies might be able to find a good niche in is investing in the influencers of blogs and YouTube. If they can have access to beta versions, they can write reviews that more people will be willing to trust. Also you can have multiple reviews reporting on different aspects of the car. One can vlog about interior, another can post about engine power, and another can blog about MPG while commuting to work. One thing is for sure, they don’t want to be left in the dust when it comes to one of the biggest changes in marketing in a while.

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