Don’t be a “Glasshole”

imagesAt this point I’m sure everyone has seen at least one person wearing Google Glass. I had to do a double take when I first saw them on someone.

For around a year now, Google Glass has been offered to a select few Individuals. The testers or trend setters were encouraged to let others try them on and to blog about their expertise with the product in everyday life. It is expected that Google Glass will be available to public at some point in 2014. There is not “set” release date for Glass because Google has been trying to fix all the unexpected software and social problems that have surfaced.

The social marketing part of this is how Google has been taking a preemptive approach with marketing/ creating a new social norm that is best for Glass. The article, by Julianna Pepitone, describes the inevitable confrontation of Google Glass forcing its self into people’s lives, whether they want to or not.

Google Glass has the potential to change mobile social marketing, but only if its accepted into everyday social settings and not feared. When something is on the internet, it’s on there forever. In a more extreme example, the Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, had his career ended by a cell phone video catching him smoking crack (crack app) with some locals.

In today’s culture, where your social life is fair game to your professional life, can’t afford the risk of Google Glass increasing that chance of overlapping. Some people feel that they are always being recorded when they see someone wearing those glasses, simply because they can’t tell if it is or not. Videos are already starting to come out from showing this (her whole recording of the event was online 4 days, but appears to have been taken down by her, maybe Google had something to do with that)

This video prompted google to release a certain Dos and Don’ts for Google Glass users in the hopes of preventing “Glassholes” being synonymous with Google Glass .

Thinking further down the line, some counties like Germany have higher expectations for one’s personal privacy. Google has already been brought to court there over Google Earth by not asking for permission of individuals who appear on street view.  If Google glass is already starting to catch heat in the US, I can’t see them having any of easier time expanding in Germany and other privacy driven counties.

13 thoughts on “Don’t be a “Glasshole”

  1. I have not seen the Google glasses yet and don’t really know what they do. However, if they do record people and things and no one knows about it that seems like a lot of fun and a big problem at the same time. My friends mom was just telling me how all new cellphones HAVE to have the camera sound go off when you take a picture even if you don’t want it to. This is because so many people take picture of others without their consent. So, maybe these Google glasses will have to make a noise if they are recording or something. If not, I’m sure people will catch a lot of funny things on tape but I’m sure there will be a lot of suing going on.. especially in America!

    • That is a great point. I believe you have to say the command “ok glass, take a picture” to take a picture, which is pretty close to making the sound that cell phones have. As far a recording goes, i think it would put most people to ease if they had a red light be on during the recording process.

  2. This is a new rapidly evolving trend. I haven’t personally seen anyone with Google Glasses, but the idea sounds interesting. I think it’s a cool piece of technology that could use some work to be developed further. It almost looks like a smart wearable computer. I can see it triggering a lot of imagination and creativity if it’s used correctly.

  3. I don’t really like the Google Glass, maybe if they didn’t seem so breakable I would consider purchasing them. But because of the number of sunglasses I’ve sat on, it would be unethical for me to purchase them. Plus I have regular glasses so I would have to look into contacts or possibly subscription Google Glass, if they even make them.

    • Would you be more inclined to buy Google Glass if they made it easier to attach their product to already established sunglasss brands like Ray Ban or Oakley. Kinda a Co branding campaign.

  4. I feel it is a step in the right direction, with it being used properly (no experience at all, nor have I seen a pair around). The one downside is it could be looked at into the wrong direction depending how its used, and it is basically a computer to the extent that it is right now. I am not a fan of it since I feel it is unnecessary but technology always has to progress somewhere.

  5. I agree that this has the potential to cause a lot of problems, as we have already seen. Privacy is a big issue for our country as well as many others. I think there will definitely need to be adjustments made about the recording features so that people don’t feel as though their privacy is being compromised. Like emilybrenner27 said about the camera sounds to alert people about a picture being taken, maybe google glass will need to implement a similar feature. The first thing that comes to mind is the classic red dot, indicating that you are being recorded.

  6. Along with Samsung’s recent release of their smart watch, Google Glass is one of the first examples of wearable technology being released to the public. Advanced technologies are always cool to test and share about, but as wearable technology it’s also interesting to keep in mind that it’s being built around human form. Not only does tech like this raise questions about personal privacy, but I think it allows poses such questions as how intrusive can we get before innovations like these start becoming a permanent part of our body. Overall, I’m excited to see how Google Glass evolves, even though I’m not particularly interested in owning a pair.

  7. I think the concept behind Google Glass is incredible. It’s a really cool piece of technology and we will definitely see its adoption in to everyday life in the coming years. What scares me the most is the idea that someone COULD be recording you . There’s no way to track that as of now. When you release technology that has the kind of capabilities like Google Glass of course some of the general public will be concerned. Look what happened with Microsoft and the Kinect. They were going to release a product that was always on and potentially recording the lives of their owners. Any time a product that invades people’s privacy is released there will be problems. Its up to Google to find a way to gradually convince people that the benefits of Glass out weigh its caveats.

    • All good points. As a couple comments have mentioned, they need to know when someone is recording would be a huge plus. A red light when recording seems like the easiest idea.
      The one thing i think Google should watch out for is accidentally creating a “click” or a group or Google Glass users that only affiliate with other Google Glass users, which would create a divide from current to potential users.

  8. I Have actually not seen anyone with these glasses on but I think it is an interesting piece of technology. I also think it is crazy to have something that can do this. But I think a lot of people will have a problem with this because it almost looks like spy wear and people will feel like they are being recorded. I think it was on the news a couple weeks ago about a girl getting punched because someone thought they were recording their conversation.

  9. Personally I think Google Glass is quite an amazing technological advancement. If you think back to some old sci-fi films and shows, there is usually some character with high tech head gear that was only an imaginative creation. I’ve seen 2 people on campus with them, however I have never stopped them and asked to talk or try them out.

    I do think they are not exactly the most fashionable but they are relatively reasonably designed with a sleek fit to today’s style. Until they become more mainstream and acceptable, people wearing them are going to get looks of confusion, intrigue and cautiousness.

    As for the privacy concerns, I do think there are valid issues. As mentioned in previous replies, I think the best solution would be a permanent shutter noise played when taking a picture and a red light be on if someone is recording. These do have to be implemented in a way that can not be tampered with. For instance, if someone tries to take the device apart to disable the noise or red light and succeeds, the device should no longer work.

    In this internet based world, I believe no one’s information is truly private and this isn’t going to change. Therefore, moving forward, products will more than ever need to have foresight into privacy settings.

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