Which Social Network Is the Best for Brand Engagement?


So, when I saw the title of this article I thought of exactly what the author said I would. My mind immediately went to Facebook. I remembered what the speaker we had in class last week said, about not having to be on every social media site. After that I really started slamming down on Twitter. I convinced myself that the only brands that needed a Twitter were ones that continuously had something new to say about their brands. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much experience with too many social media platforms but I assumed everyone talks about Facebook so it must have the most interaction

I can confidently say that I am surprised that Instagram is considered to have more user interaction. One, because I have never actually used Instagram so I have no idea how it works. Two, because Facebook seems to be shoved in our faces (no pun intended) so much it seems like it has everything on lock. But, I guess looks can be deceiving and Instagram pulls ahead for brand activity.

6 thoughts on “Which Social Network Is the Best for Brand Engagement?

  1. Its funny that Instagram is the “champion” of brand engagement, only because not only do I not use it, but my main friend group doesn’t either. Maybe we just missed the boat on that one, but clearly big companies haven’t. I think the idea of Instagram is brilliant even though I don’t use it. People like pictures and are more likely to engage when they see them it’s as simple as that.

  2. This is surprising to me as well. I have an Instagram account, but I do not really follow any brands. I do, however, see people pushing products in an interesting way. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that Instagram has more brand interaction. I think it combines some of the best qualities social media has to offer. A clean, easy to use design, picture driven, capable of using hashtags, and the ability to customize whatever you post using filters. For example, I see more people post pictures of them with their Starbucks cup on Instagram than I do see posts on Facebook about going to Starbucks.

  3. I personally like Instagram a lot better than Facebook. I think it is a lot more appealing because users get to look at pictures and if they want to read the captions they can. I hate going on Facebook and all you really see are status’ and people complaining. Instagram is more visual and fun, in my opinion! You should get one!!

  4. Instagram continues to grow, I personally don’t follow brands specifically (so engagement to me seems better on facebook), I look at Instagram as a more personal level from pictures that could include anything to what you are doing, friends, yourself, etc. I agree with Emily in that facebook seems to be more or less people’s life stories……. to the point where some (most) could care less. The visual aspect I can see aid in brand engagement, and there should be a larger push towards instagram as it continues to grow.

  5. Facebook owns Instagram so the platforms are compatible with one another. It is very easy to upload a picture to Facebook through Instagram. People are frequently engaging with photo content on Facebook which a lot of times was posted through Instagram. I wonder if this has an influence on Instagram’s high ranking.

  6. When people think of social media, I think we tend to forget once in a while that there are other social media sites than Facebook. Twitter can be a great platform as well but I think it really depends on your product and your method of showing off your product on social media, that is how your decide which one to use.

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