Another New Look for Old Facebook

Facebook has done it again. Yup, the social media giant takes another crack at tweaking their look. With so much backlash over each new design Mark and his team role out, you may wonder why the changes keep coming. Well this article shows what you can expect from this soon to be news feed touch up coming this week.


Old Facebook News Feed


New Facebook News Feed

I would call this “redesign” is more of a face lift. We’re not talking about introducing a bunch of crazy new buttons or confusing ways to make a status update. It seems Facebook finally took a step in the right direction. Taking a hint from photo heavy sites such as Pinterest, Facebook’s new news feed design looks to amplify the visually stimulating parts of what we spend mind-less hours scrolling through. This includes full feed width pictures, slightly larger and cleaner buttons and icons, and some slight color distinction between the sidebars and the main feed. If you take a quick glance, you won’t notice much difference, and that point is what makes this redesign eloquent. Facebook seems to be focusing on cleaning up the clutter and white space (which we have unfortunately come accustomed to) and providing a clearer, more vibrant way for its users to view content.

Overall I think as a business, Facebook has been doing the right thing with changing their design. Products of any kind rarely survive their first iteration. I think Facebook has taken some undeserved hits over the years in response to its dramatic changes. They may not have always been on target, but they look to stay relevant in a world that changes daily.What will be interesting to see is where Facebook ends up in the next few years as its competitors start to grow and new social media ideas hit the market. Time will tell.

8 thoughts on “Another New Look for Old Facebook

  1. Yea , my page updated and I instantly saw the change. I think FB new look is simple and “neat”. The look will engage users more I think only for a little while because with users we are always looking to see new things customized and easier to use. FB now needs to be concerned about over advertising and clean that sidebar up a bit!

  2. Mine has updated and I do like the look, subtle changes but result in noticing the change for many; which is good (but to me either old or new looks both function for me in what I do). Advertising is flooded on facebook which is how I see they are getting carried away; at the same time they are trying to make all the money they can.

  3. I had to really look to notice the difference. I think making the subtle change is a great step up from the dramatic changes they’ve dumped on users in the past. Everyone gets hype when dramatic changes are made that force users to get re accustomed to a platform that has become unfamiliar overnight. It always leads to a month of statuses bitching about how much everyone hates it and just gives people a bad taste for a while. Making these subtle changes that enhance the user experience without disrupting the user will help sustain a better relationship between Facebook and their audience.

  4. Facebook has a really interesting position that they are in. They are hands down the biggest social media website, and people have a hard time leaving. That is why they can afford to make changes to their websites with relatively no consequences. While some people might like a new or old look, it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day because since their isn’t a better alternative as of right now, people won’t switch. That being said, I do like this current wave of subtle changes.

  5. Mine just got updated and I was surprised I noticed since it was so minor. It seemed different to me so I compared it to my friends and sure enough noticed the changes. I like the layout because it seems modern and neat, but I also don’t like some parts of it. The newsfeed seems a bit squished together in some of the posts. I don’t have many complaints though honestly. I think it was frustrating the first time they changed, but since I haven’t really cared that much since it is to be expected. As long as they keep the tools the same so I know how to use their site, the design isn’t a huge issue. What I find interesting though is that if you look at their original site and then the site now, the changes are far more drastic than you would have thought! Minor changes over time eventually make a big difference, so I appreciate them taking what feels like baby steps.

  6. Although changing their design might anger people sometimes, it is a good thing to change things up so that something old doesn’t get old. It keeps it fresh and keeps people interested and wondering what is new and what will be next.

  7. In all honesty I had no idea that there was a change to Facebook. Even after I read this post i tried to find a difference from before and I just do not see it. This may be because I do not remember what it used to look like or the fact that mine has not updated. However, I do agree that they have gotten a lot of back lash over the years that seems to be very unnecessary. They are trying to stay relevant as much as possible so the layout changes are just something they seem practical or studies showed them that this will help improve user ability. Every product or service needs to evolve in order to stay relevant and on top of its game.

  8. I think it is also good Facebook is updating their page and working around what people want to see. I personally like the bigger pictures better. I prefer to see social networks for their pictures rather than the words. That is why I prefer to use Instagram since it is mostly pictures.

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