Facebook, Twitter and More: Which Social Platform Affects Your SEO?


When looking at how social media affects that of your SEO, I found this particularly interesting and accurate. It takes into account how engagement among platforms and how that affects rankings within Google to what will determine search results.

I believe that it is 100% accurate that everyone should not focus on one platform alone; Twitter requires high engagement, while Facebook requires engagement, and able to spread from there. If a company is working and focusing on multiple platforms, this gives them the option improve (or pick up) where they may not be doing so well on another platform.

Although there is not a set formula for how to improve SEO, and that all depends on the users and workers at the same time, there are many tips and things to keep in mind when looking to build and sway SEO within your favor.

3 thoughts on “Facebook, Twitter and More: Which Social Platform Affects Your SEO?

  1. I think the important thing to consider overall is the target market and the end goal. Use the mix of social media platforms that reach your target market. Post good content and encourage engagement. Social Media profiles will probably help to make a brand more searchable. Consider when you Google yourself. All of your profiles show up starting with the most active. A major factor of SEO is having an authentic network of links to your website which I would think takes into consideration links from social media that you have shared or others have shared for/from you. Overall, you want to drive traffic to your site. Social Media profiles can be a great tool to meet this goal. So regardless of how much your social media helps or doesn’t help you increase your organic search rankings if you are engaging with your audience on the appropriate social media platforms, expanding your reach, and driving traffic to your site you are meeting your goals and social is helping in one way or another.

  2. I think that multiple platforms work the best because you are reaching out to a wider audience. Plus you don’t know which platform your audience likes the best and which one works better for them when receiving information about products and companies.

  3. Depending on what company you have I think it helps decide what social network you use. Not all companies and businesses should have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything else. Maybe one would be more beneficial than the other.

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