Supercharging Your Social Media Marketing


     With people spending a majority of their time online on social media websites it is clear that businesses can profit from their presence on these platforms. The article I found goes into detail about how companies can measure success with their social media efforts as well as gives other tips on how to strengthen your social media marketing. 

     One section that stuck out to me in particular was “owning up to your mistakes” (Kim). In class we have talked about several instances where companies made a mistake with the way they mishandled a campaign. Either it was something like responding poorly to a series of comments on a Facebook post or totally missing the program and using an iPhone to post Samsung galaxy photos on twitter from the Oscars. 

     It helps to own up to whatever went wrong and we’ve seen through many examples in class how inappropriately handing mistakes can hinder a company’s social media marketing. I agree with the author that its not easy to own up to a big mistake, especially because everyone in the world can see it if its on a major platform like Facebook. Everyone has a bad day every once in a while, but minimizing them will help strengthen your social media marketing and help you to be more successful.  


Article Cited:

Kim, Larry. “These 7 Tips Will Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing.” Small Business Trends. Marketing Tips, 12 Mar. 2014. Web. 16 Mar. 2014.

4 thoughts on “Supercharging Your Social Media Marketing

  1. I absolutely agree that companies need to handle bad situations better. Especially if they are big companies like Microsoft or Apple this is because social media spreads things like wild fire. Once one person knows it that replicates and rapidly goes from social network to social network until everyone knows what happened. Secrets don’t stay secrets anymore with the presence of social media especially when it comes to celebrities. I found it hilarious that Ellen used her iPhone to post pictures back stage. But unfortunately for Social media everyone found out…this is a perfect example of how social media spreads gossip and bad news in the media at a fast rate.

  2. I think when a company takes responsibility it makes them more credible in a way. When a company owns their mistakes it shows that they will admit to their flaws but also correct their mistakes as well. Also when a company takes action in a positive way it attracts more people to them.

  3. The severity of the mistake set aside, people generally respond positively to brands that show they are human. Transparency on any platform goes a long way for businesses. In a negative situation I think one of the best strategies is to say something along the lines of “Whoops, we made a mistake! Here’s how we are going to rectify it.”

  4. Owning up on social media or just in life in general is always the best solution, in my opinion. If I know someone is not being honest or is hiding something from me it will make me more angry and less likely to believe them in the future. The same goes for companies. If they lie an hide things from their consumers, they will find out and eventually not believe or trust them anymore.

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