New Gender Options on Facebook

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If you are a Facebook user in the United States, you now have many other gender options besides just “male” and “female”. Facebook worked with many different advocacy groups to come up with the new gender categories, some of which include “transgender”, “cisgender”, “intersex”, and “neither”. According to the former vice president of GLAAD, Allison Palmer, Facebook users across the country had been asking for the ability to reflect their gender accurately. Now all Facebook users in the United States have the ability to reflect the gender status of their choice.

I think that this a huge step in the world of social media and it is reflecting the current social issues that we are encountering in 2014. The subject of gender status is one that has been at the forefront of discussion for a while now. The fact that people can now properly express their gender any way they would like on such a widely used platform is quite a step. 

It’s a little strange to think about how this new change could have an effect on social media marketing. What will happen with this new set of data once people begin to edit their gender options setting? Though users have the ability to control whom they share their custom gender with, I think that this could still have an effect on marketing in social media platforms. I think these users will be targeted using their gender status, just as being labeled as “male” or “female” has always been a part of targeting certain demographics.

4 thoughts on “New Gender Options on Facebook

  1. I think it is awesome that people now can express what they believe their true gender is on Facebook. I think this will expand results for when people seek out who their audience is and will provide many different results for companies as well.

  2. I think this could really change the way people market on social media platforms. As of now when you look at analytics the main demographics are obviously men and women. This is a step in the right direction and companies will definitely see some interesting results.

  3. This is good for everyone, Facebook and its users. It allows for the users to fully express themselves and who they are or who they believe they are. And on the other side of the coin Facebook is on the forefront of this issue by being one of the first corporations that recognize this issue. Also they are the first social media platform that allows for this change. With them being the first for this change this will open up a new demographic for Facebook. With this new demographic they will bring in new users and also be able to market more appropriately to them.

  4. Identity is such an evolving thing with terminology that is ever changing. I am so happy to see that there is a custom option. Facebook is communicating to it’s users a level of sensitivity and respect that is often lacking not only on social media but in society in general.
    That is such a good point you made about this customization feature providing more segmented data. The internet and social media tools in particular have really opened up the ability for hyper targeting consumers and things like gender customization only propel that forward.

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