The pleasure of sharing

Turns out sharing things on social media gives you the same rewarding pleasure as sex, food, and exercise. It makes sense that when you share things on social media, its rewarding. Before, whenever you wanted to share an idea or something cool you saw somewhere, you would have to wait  until you saw the people in person that you wanted to share it with. With the rise in social media, people can share their thoughts and things they saw instantly. You also are allowed instant feedback. The study in this article goes into that 80% of social media posts were about peoples immediate experiences. This includes “these waffles are delicious”  or “Did you see this cat video yet (warning nsfw)”. These studies shift the role of marketers.

Before, the role of marketers was to get people engaged with their product by posting a product and people being like “oh, well that’s pretty cool.” Now, people want something that engages them in a way that they want to talk about it. Take for instance the new old spice commercials. This one is a great example. It actively engages the customer, is funny, and people want to share it. The article goes into with the Game Theory approach where, it is beneficial for the person alone to see this because it might give him an edge but they instead choose to share it to feel like they helped. This releases that sweet, sweet, dopamine. It forces marketers to create content that will not only engage consumers, but also can increase the quality of the persons life who is watching (whether it be through humor, knowledge, or various other factors.) 


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5 thoughts on “The pleasure of sharing

  1. I’ve never been one of those people that get a thrill from social media. I’m happy that some people get a lot of gratification from it. I definitely agree that people want more engaging posts. It isn’t enough anymore to just post for the sake of posting there needs to be something that people can actually engage with.

  2. Yes! This is cool. I have a lot of friends that don’t live close to me and I was thinking about how much I enjoy sharing things with them on social media. I also think that because of social media and online shopping it is really easy for me to engage my friends in my shopping experiences and vice versa. Sharing is also a great way that people are super targeting customers for brands. When I find a product or clothing or something one of my friends would really like I am excited to share it with them, but in the process of showing them this cool thing I also promoted a brand or product and increased reach for that company.

  3. This is such an interesting topic. People love to share different things with their friends that they think they will find interesting as well. It helps to add value to your life and relationships as well as the products and brands themselves. I think that by focusing on the experience and interaction that the consumer will have with something first instead of purely the business side will encourage them to share it and create even more awareness for the brand.

  4. I totally agree that when I share things I want them to be interesting and engaging. If they aren’t, I don’t even bother reading or looking into it. However, if it has a catchy title or it sounds interesting to me I check it out and then share it. The more people are engaged the more they share and the more a companies name gets out.

  5. Sharing things with others online lets us feel involved with those we can’t interact with on a daily basis. We feel connected to them and that gives us a sense of happiness. Also, the fact that people comment and like what we share increases that sense of happiness because people are actually paying attention to you.

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