Soundcloud Optimization


The above article offers seven tips for getting the most exposure as possible on the SoundCloud platform, the social network made for sharing sounds and music with friends and fans around the world. Usually, these types of articles don’t typically offer sufficient explanation and cover only surface level topics. However, I think the author provided detailed and explicit tactics to optimize the utility that sharing on SoundCloud offers. The author discussed things like using as many of the features of the service as possible, which is something that many users probably do not do. Another creative suggestion was to take advantage of the cross-platform compatibility that SoundCloud allows, enabling content to be spread on web pages, other social media networks, and other web presences to link back to the original SoundCloud source. The only thing I disagree with is the emphasis on using SoundCloud’s paid services. I don’t think it is important to be a premium account holder, and similar results can be achieved with free accounts.


What thoughts do you have?


4 thoughts on “Soundcloud Optimization

  1. It’s really good that Sound Cloud is cross compatible. By allowing users to upload all their music to a website that makes it easy to share across all their platforms is ideal for people who want to market themselves and their music. People want to have the freedom to share their content and if sound cloud is the hub for that they won’t really lose out because what is shared will likely drive people right back to the sound cloud page to check out the rest of a user’s stuff.

  2. Sound Cloud has definitely broadened my music knowledge. Its so easy to explore different artists and create playlists with your favorited songs. I have the android app as well so I can play all the music I like right from my phone. I also like that when you log in it displays all new music that has come out recently from different artists or ones you already like. Overall its an amazing social platform.

  3. Sound Cloud still going strong is very good. Their trying to implement new things through optimization which is good but I feel like other music sharing and music libraries like Pandora and Spotify will bring Sound Cloud down. I went to NY and checked out Spotify’s headquarters personally and they are doing big things and eventually I think they might adopt to the Sound Cloud optimization idea as well. When this happens I just want to say Sound cloud watch out.

  4. I think I have only used sound cloud once and that was to listen to a song my friend wrote freshman year. I really don’t hear a lot of people talking about it. But I guess it is all about who you know. For example, if you know a lot of artist you will hear about it more. Also I think if they are serious artists and proud of their work they will be able to promote it whatever way they can

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