New Vine update is taking things behind closed doors.

An article on Mashable, Vine Releases Private Messaging Feature, talks about the new feature Vine rolled out in the update released today. Users will now be able to  send video and text messages to one another through the vine app as well as record video messages, add text, and send to people in the vine network and phone’s contact list much like their competitor Snapchat.


A vine shared through the new private messaging feature.

Before the update if users wanted to share a post with their friends their only option was to tag other users in the comments section. The new update allows users to share their favorite vines directly with a friend and talk about it in a private message.

These recent changes were a step in the right direction for the 6 second video network. The updates were responsive to users behaviors and improved the functionality of the platform by adding useful features and improving experience. Secondly, it made Vine more competitive by adding features their competitors like Instagram and Snapchat were already using. After losing out on instagram to Facebook, Twitter is making headway as the parent company of Vine. Now the social media giants both have popular personal media sharing apps in their tool belts.

As a marketing tool it is difficult to assess the impact of private messaging features on effectiveness. Social media platforms are crazy about private messaging and although companies want to be intimate with their customers and establish connections it is easy to go to far when using private messaging features such as the one Vine rolled out. It would be interesting to see if companies create contests in which they private message clues or coupon prizes. Thoughts?


14 thoughts on “New Vine update is taking things behind closed doors.

  1. I think this is Vines way of matching some of the features that applications like SnapChat have. Every one of these platforms finds things they like about their competitors and optimizes it. We will continue to see great updates like this for many of our social networking applications.

  2. What I found really interesting about this article is the way they unveiled the Vine updates. I may be super late or slow, but it seems Vine could be a great way for entertainment artists or movie directors to tease their next big unveiling. Just a thought.

    • Yeah definitely. Vine is very popular for musicians, especially singers, to post samples of their songs to gain popularity and drive traffic to their soundcloud pages or the like. That is something you see often. There are also vine accounts dedicated to musical artists and movie trailers. I am giving my social media presentation this week on Vine and I will try to touch on your point then as well.

  3. Private messaging feature is definitely a good tool to get up on especially if your competing with other big time social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Private messaging allows users to communicate with each other basically and Vine initially just had a platform where viewers would just look at videos without replying. If people can now reply that will definitely give more interaction on Vine.

    • It definitely accommodates for the varying behaviors of users. There is a lot of people that like to engage in comment sections publicly with other users. There is also a segment of social media users that are “surveyors” who aren’t as likely to engage. Adding a private messaging feature gives these surveyors an option that may be more appealing to their inclined behavior and make them more likely to engage, just in a different way.

  4. I’ve never used vine and I had no idea that there was no private messaging feature included. I think that it is a huge advantage for them moving forward now that they are including such a new idea to their platform. Honestly I had no idea what they were doing before but it must have been very difficult to send messages back and forth with friends. I imagine that the privacy issue is what truly drove them to finally adding the feature.

  5. I also forgot to add that I think that this is a way that vine can compete with the other platforms out there. SnapChat came out in the past three years and they allow for private messages and the fact that Vine has been out for a lot longer shows that they are behind the game. This is very smart though on Vines part they will possibly get more users now that they have private messaging between friends and family.

    • Yeah! Users can also share with people outside of Vine which could be really good for the platform. We talked about this during the Vine presentation in class that the typical user behavior tends to show people sticking to the platform rather and not using the existing sharing features as much. Maybe private messaging will change that.

    • Yeah! During the vine presentation in class we talked about how vine users tend to keep content on the vine platform and are tend to neglect a lot of the sharing features. The private messaging feature allows users to share with people off vine so maybe this will change the norm a little bit.

  6. Privacy seems to be the new thing when it comes to social media. In all honesty, I’m surprised that it took them this long to implement this feature. This is a great new feature because like others have said, it makes it more personal which will allow them to gather new users who were using other platforms like snapchat

    • It’s definitely a popular feature among social media platforms to add a private messaging feature. The second article I liked to above “Why Social Media Platforms are crazy about Private Messaging” sheds some good light on this topic.

  7. Seems like they are trying to take from how (I believe) Instagram allows there use of Instagram Direct, so it appears to be a take off that when allowing direct videos etc to individuals.

  8. I like the idea of being able to share vines privately with my friends but for the most part when I see a vine that is funny I want to share it with everyone. For the personal vines, I feel like you could just do that with snapchat instead.

  9. The problem with all these apps are that they are all trying to be like one another yet still compete with each other as well. Eventually there will be just one app that does everything that way we don’t have to download 10 different apps to do what we have to do.

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