Apple v Samsung – verdict this month

This certainly won’t come as a shock to anyone but Apple and Samsung are at it again. Their most recent battle appears to be over Samsung’s original campaigns against Apple and then Apple’s response to them. Apple released its first campaign since 1997 last year, “Designed by Apple in California” that was intended to remind people about why they should buy Apple products. Samsung called Apple out and claimed that this campaign was a product of their ads against Apple and that it was a desperate attempt to save their brand. This prompted me to do additional research to learn if Apple is in fact fading as a brand.

The Smartphone market has drastically progressed, although iPhone sales are slowing down. I believe this to be due to the other options now being offered. This relates to the points brought up in this article about whether or not Samsung copied Apple and the court case currently in session. It’s been over 2 years now since Apple filed a suit against Apple in regards to infringement issues. A verdict is supposed to be announced at the end of this month and I’m curious to see what will happen. I believe this verdict could drastically affect both companies at this point, especially in terms of their brand image. Also, if Apple wins Samsung will be forced to pay a large fee, which would be a large hit to the company. I’m wondering if this case will be major news and spark an even bigger debate between the companies as well as their loyal followers. I think both brands will take to social media, as they have been, in regards to the verdict. I also believe the campaigns proving who is better will continue, if not grow in regards to the decision.

I also thought it was important to mention the effects this constant battle has had on the cell phone market overall. Smartphone’s have taken over and have become more widely produced. Apple has expanded upon their original line of iPhones and now offers a variety of phones, including a lower line option. Also, Samsung has come a long way and now is the leader in the Smartphone market and makes the most technologically impressive phone. This competition has clearly sparked creative development and led to the fantastic Smartphone’s we now own today.

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I was wondering if anyone had seen both Apple and Samsung’s ads and had an opinion on which was better? Also, how to you think the court will rule this month and why? What affects do you think this will have on Apple and Samsung sales?

8 thoughts on “Apple v Samsung – verdict this month

  1. I think that the court ruling this month will be very tricky. Like the article said, it will be hard for Apple to prove that Samsung’s possible patent infringements affected Apple’s sales. I do think it’s interesting that Apple has not done an ad campaign since 1997, and Samsung’s primary tactic has seemed to have been trying to slander the Apple brand and compare the two products. Apple has been successful in sticking with their brand image and pretty much staying out of traditional advertising. Samsung seems to have built a lot of its success on blatantly trying to take down Apple instead of just focusing on their own product.

    It’s been hard for me to try and keep my opinion out of this because I’m such a loyal Apple customer.

  2. I have not seen the ads but I think the court ruling will be very difficult. Unless Apple is able to pull out hard proof like a voice message or something like that, it will be hard to say if they “stole” ideas or not. Personally I don’t think that this case will have an effect on Apple’s sales, but if Samsung is hit with this fee it will definitely change their financial plans.

  3. It seems like Apple has been coming out with new products but they don’t really do anything different, in my opinion. I have had iPhones for a few years now and I am very pleased with them as a phone. I have never used the Samsung phones so I don’t know what they have to offer. I definitely think Apple needs to start adding new features in order to stay in the competition!

  4. It is sad to say that we are all picky about the type of phone that we own. Honestly as long as they perform the job we want it to who cares if it is Apple or Samsung?
    As for Apple and Samsung, I believe this on going battle is just their way of having that negative publicity that isn’t so negative because it just draws more attention to their product causing their sales to raise for the both of them.

  5. I am yet to see these ads unfortunately. However, personally I have an iPhone and am happy with it and these ads wont make a difference on my opinion. It is pretty odd that we all have arguments on who’s phone is better, as long as it gets the job done I am happy. I think that this media attention is specifically to generate more sales for either company. In the long run this court case will hurt one of the companies but in the short run it could boost their sales as well.

  6. Apple’s new branding campaign may not be a reaction to their brand fading, but rather a response to the changes the company has been making. Steve Jobs had a very specific vision for Apple and their products. Since his passing it seems like company has been making changes to move certain things in a different direction, especially with the release of the 5C. Apple is doing branding campaigns because the company is changing.
    Also, Apple receives a lot of flack for outsourcing manufacturing to China. The “Designed by Apple in California” campaign is a good response to emphasize focus on their domestic roots and send a message that American’s will respond well to.

    As far as the court case, these two companies try to sue each other all the time. Nothing will really come of it.

  7. Products have seemed to basically mellowed down on apple’s side, aside from the “newer” products; functionally they perform the same and there aren’t as many changes. As for these back and fourth (I have not seen the ads), you will have your fan base on either side and dont think they should push it much more than that. Its inevitable but there will always be a “feud” back and fourth.

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