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While online this morning, I came across an article about Facebook adding an “I’m a Voter” button on their mobile app. This is a way for major industries to get the youth involved in voting more. When they go on their social network they can now hit the ” I’m a Voter” button and share with others what they are voting for and even who they are voting for if they want to share that kind of information. This button will only appear on election day therefore it will not be crowding space on non- voting days. It was launched in India today just in time for election day today. Now 18 and over Facebook users can share that they are voting and their experience with it as well.

ImageAs much as I would hate to admit this but I actually think that this ” I am a Voter” button is actually a good idea for getting more youth involved in voting. Now everyone loves updating their statuses to share what they are doing, eating or watching. So by adding this feature to Facebook, the 18+ crowd on Facebook can now share their voting information. This benefits both sides because one, Facebook will have more interaction on those days in particular from the voters themselves and those who are curious to see who is voting. (Great day to advertise for your businesses as well) and two there will most likely be more votes from that age group because it is kind of like monkey see, monkey do, if one friend does it then usually others will follow.

Another benefit from this is that it will be on the app as well making it easier for Facebook users to update information straight from their mobile phone while on the go. Voters can update this while at their voting station or as they are leaving. Facebook can then get a guesstimate about how many 18+ is actually voting and share that information with the world. That way we can see if by adding this button is it really getting more people, more younger people involved with voting. And then after election day the button disappears and won’t appear again until the next election, therefore not crowding your news feed forever.

I definitely think this button is beneficial for elections and will get more youth involved in voting. We will have to wait and see for election day to see.

9 thoughts on “Facebook and Voting

  1. I agree with you that this might help get younger kids involved in voting. I know so many of my friends who don’t ever vote. I only do really because my parents both do so we usually make it a family event. Hopefully this change to Facebook will help more people remember as well as go out and vote!

    • I agree. Usually Facebook influences a lot of things so maybe it will influence more voting. I personally don’t vote but I really don’t have a good reason behind that other than I am not a big politics person and I don’t like people telling me what to do. lol

  2. I agree that this will help younger generations get more motivated about voting. I also have many friends that don’t vote simply because they don’t personally access the right information about voting. I think because this is on Facebook, when younger people see it they will be compelled to get up and vote.

    • Of course! Now they can update their information and share with others about voting and this involves them more with others and voting itself so I agree that the number of young voters will increase due to this button.

  3. This button is a great idea. Not only to get the 18+ age range to vote but to also track who the voters on Facebook are. Nearly half the population in the United States do not vote and this is a huge problem. If we can track the users who are not voting through Facebook, this could help campaigns become more effective for the people who are running for office. The offices would be able to get their campaigns out to the people who are actually engaged into the voting system and this could play to their advantage. Also we would be able to find out why these people are not voting and this may help increase the amount of United States citizens involved in the elections.

    • I agree! They can start changing their campaign tactics and get everyone involved instead of the usual group who votes. This can also help with keeping track of how many people who use social media that vote just like you said, giving them another thing to use in their campaign.

  4. This reminded me of the Rock the Vote campaigning that is done for presidential elections. This campaign has been active since 1992 and has been innovative and successful in rallying around young people to get them to be register, vote, and be more politically active. It’s cool that Facebook is adding a voting feature to their platform. Perhaps a future partnership with Rock The Vote could help both organizations increase success.

    • I totally forgot about Rock the Vote! I agree, maybe a collaboration of the two will help with voting and getting more people involved!

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