Social Media Has Good and Bad Effects on Kids

ImageThe article I read was talking about how social media effects kids. For the most part this article had many positive effects on children. Some examples they gave were that it gave children a chance to interact with each other over the internet since their lives are so busy and they often don’t have time to actually hangout with their friends. Another positive thing was the fact that children who have rare diseases are able to meet other children their age around the world who have the same disease. They can then compare and talk to those kids and they can better understand what each of them are going through since their other friends who do not have the disease might not be able to relate to them.

Some negative things the article pointed out was the fact that cyber bullying is very high online. It is very important for parents to keep an eye out for any kind of bullying. Parents were also encouraged to teach their children how to use the different social media sites and to make sure they were of age. Many kids will lie about their age in order to get onto sites such as Facebook. Parents are supposed to teach their children not to do this because it will make them think it is okay to lie.

I think that overall social media is going to be playing a much bigger role in younger children and teenagers lives. It already is very popular and only growing. It is a way for kids to interact and talk to each other as well as keep in touch with relatives or other friends who live far away. I do think it is important to keep an eye out for cyber bullying as well as making sure your younger kids are not going onto sites that they are not old enough for yet.

This just seems like the way of the future. It might have an effect on social skills with the younger generations but that is where it is important for parents to play a big role in verbally communicating with their kids.

What is everyone’s thoughts on whether or not social media will effect kids positively or negatively? 

7 thoughts on “Social Media Has Good and Bad Effects on Kids

  1. I would say that that social media has more benefits then drawbacks. However, kids on social will be allowed to interact in an environment where anyone can say anything. People lose their filters and their conscience’s on the internet. Kids will have to be subject to some pretty harsh language and people berating others for sometimes no reason. Its just something to think about.

  2. I think that as long as there is appropriate supervision by parents that social media can be very beneficial to kid’s lives. It seems like the age at which kids are beginning to use social media gets increasingly lower and that at some point it is too young for them to be involved in it. As long as a parent is monitoring everything they are doing and everyone they are talking to then I think a lot of the negative aspects will be eliminated. Kids need to be taught internet safety these days alongside other life lessons like fire safety.

  3. Call me old fashion but I honestly don’t think children under the age of 13 (maybe even a little older) should have a cellphone or be on social networking. I remember being a kid playing outside all day and now my 7 year old nephew is asking my brother for a cell phone for his birthday. When I was 7 I was asking for an Easy Bake Oven lol. But anyways my point is that I think it is a negative thing to get kids attached to it at a young age because they won’t develop social skills and interacting in real life will be weird to them.

  4. Not just social media but all technology that these generations are exposed to will negatively effect the children of today and tomorrow. Let me quote Albert Einstein to help describe my opinion: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Our children are losing social skills and eventually one day we will find out that it is too late for them. I grew up in the 90’s I was born in 88 I was part of the last generation that played outside, we were exposed to video games and computers in our youth but we were first exposed to the outside world. Now a days people are buying their children a game console to occupy their time rather then spending time with their kids themselves. I find it sad when I see kids out at restaurants playing on gameboys because they don’t have the social skills to interact with their family in this situation and the fact that they aren’t exposed to the outside world as much and make it difficult for them to interact with strangers. I say we stop giving kids technology and replace it with sticks and dirt and bloody knees not Mario and Master Chief.

  5. I think social media will have mainly negative effects on the younger generation. I am also “old-fashioned” in that sense. Our generation was introduced to a lot of social networks at a much later time in our lives, which is why we manage them well. Most of us still prefer real communication to online communication, and use the online as a complimentary method on top of regular interaction.
    The younger kids, however, don’t really know life before social networking. They spend less time outdoors, less time interacting in person. They disguise themselves online both through false names, ages, and over-filtered photos, allowing them to appear as anyone they want to. I feel that it does not prepare them well for mature adult interactions that they will inevitably have to learn to navigate as they get older.

  6. Technology in general is here to stay. It’s a different climate for children than a couple decades ago and I think even safe to say when we were children. It’s a different time to raise kids in but if parent’s are involved in their children’s lives technology, the internet, and social media can be an amazing thing for children and teens. Social media is a different way of socializing, but it’s still socializing and kids and teens are still teens. Adults should teach the same etiquette and respect for online as they demand in the classroom, on the playground, and so forth. As long as we don’t let kids live online, they should have a positive experience.
    To combat under age sign ups maybe sites could include prevention methods. I can’t think of any of the top of my head, but just as food for though.

  7. Social media seems to have more positives than negatives, only because the ease and communication that it brings to the table. The reach is incredible on whom can get in touch; that being said, parents do not always “monitor” the childs use from what I have seen, but I feel that the benefits outweigh greatly. As for bullying, and negative aspects on social media, its the cruel fact but there will always be some form. It is much easier to bully, or act upon something when you are targeting whomever over the internet (electronically) rather than physical. Kids overcome it, some do not but it is definitely a benefit for kids to be on social media nowadays especially with how fast information travels.

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