U.S. Airways Twitter Snafu Response

U.S. Airways Twitter Snafu Response

We all know the recent story that has surrounded U.S. Airways. Someone accidentally Tweeted a very graphic photo in response to a customer complaint. Well U.S. Airways has responded to this snafu and I find it extremely interesting on how they have decided to handle the situation. 

They have decided to not let the employee go. I find this very interesting considering how this all happened. They claim that the reason for the incident is that the employee was attempting to flag the tweet as inappropriate and that he made an honest mistake when they posted it themselves. Because the pornographic picture was tweeted at U.S Airways fell in line with their explanation, supporting the suggestion that the tweet was not intentional and not a matter of bad judgment on the employee.

With that being said do you guys think that this was a good reaction to the situation? I personally believe that this should have been dealt with in a different manner. The picture was posted and up on their twitter account for about an hour I do not understand how this could be if it was a true mistake. Personally U.S. Airways should have had a checks and balance put into place to make sure that all their tweets were done correctly and appropriate. Also the fact that this did occur U.S. Airways should have had a crisis plan put into place just in case this situation does happen. When an employee screws up this bad though I know mistakes happen but to set an example and to show the type of standards we hold for our employees I personally would have terminated them. 

What do you guys think…did U.S. Airways make the right call or would you have fired them for this situation?


6 thoughts on “U.S. Airways Twitter Snafu Response

  1. Any company such as US Airways have to keep their employees in lines. Especially ones working directly with customers because an incident like this could bring a lot of bad feedback to US airways. US Airways if they don’t already have one, should implement employee check ups where they meet one worth employees dealing with customer complaints to make sure they are emotionally in tact. This will ensure something like this doesn’t happen.

  2. I agree that there should be a system in place that monitors posts and tweets before they are posted. I also agree that they should have fired the employee. Everyone makes mistakes, however everyone also knows that big enough mistakes will and should get you fired, especially when working for such a huge company. They are setting a precedent that employees can get away with anything as long as it is deemed a “mistake”.

  3. I think the person should have been fired. It would have been one thing if they accidentally posted the picture and took it down right away but they didn’t and it was up there for an hour! Plus if the person working the Twitter page says it was an accident and they didn’t realize it was there don’t you think they would’ve gotten the tweets of other people responding to the porn tweet? I sure do! I think that the airline thinks taking this approach will help them and people will think they are being kind and they made a mistake! I disagree though.

  4. I don’t think it was a mistake. I think that the employee really got mad and reacted the wrong way. After cooling down and realizing that what they did was wrong, of course they had to make up an excuse as to why that happened. Of course they blamed it on technology instead of owning up to their mistake. I think this situation should of been handled differently and the employee shouldn’t of had a slap on the wrist.

    • There are many theories as to why this happened, but I don’t believe it is because the employee got mad and did something that inexplicably stupid. But then again humans are unpredictable, case in point: Amy’s baking social media meltdown.

      Anyhow, I agree with the decision not to fire the employee, as US Airways would appear more forgiving. After all, the Internet got a good laugh out of this.

  5. In all seriousness I don’t think it really matters how U.S. Airways responded to this because the damage was already done. Everyone will remember that time U.S. Airways tweeted a pornographic picture. They responded respectably, but the best remedy for something like this is to apologize and then give it time. It will always be a funny scuff on the reputation and a lesson to the rest of us in trying to lash out on people through social media but it shouldn’t really hurt their business any.

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