4 Cruel Reasons We Suffer Social Media

When reading this article http://socialmediatoday.com/brennangirdler/2355386/4-cruel-reasons-we-suffer-social-media

I found it interesting on how it became apparent as to what social media had become; and led us as those users to believe. Our attentions have shifted from what we may have once originally seen social media to be, and in fact takes into consideration the raw truths of what is being displayed on a day to day basis.

Points out four factors that are contributed to our every-day social media experience that may little by little ruin our experience.

1 – Businesses are invasive in that how our social media experience often revolves around them.

2 – Social Media has turned from connecting from one another, to  attention grabbing statuses, news, and pictures (referring to instagram; etc.)

3 – The amount businesses are willing to pay in order to get facts on each and every individual user to benefit their own purpose from  a business perspective.

4 – Addiction for interaction, likes, shares

I can’t disagree with anything in regards to what social media has turned to, and believe it can only increase (businesses interaction) as time continues on; businesses are taking over in how they are investing from different platforms, and sites. From Twitter, Facebook, to Vine, Instagram; etc.

What is your opinion on these factors?

4 thoughts on “4 Cruel Reasons We Suffer Social Media

  1. I think in some cases social media can be attention seeking devices but overall I agree with you. I think that social media helps businesses a lot and it helps get the word out. Maybe some businesses don’t need to use social media but most businesses do. I also think a lot of businesses don’t understand the importance of social media or the importance it brings. They are stuck in the past and don’t want to learn what the future has to offer.

  2. I agree that social media in its current form is getting out of hand. When I log on to facebook and see how many of my classmates have children, what the new product by coke is, and how funny this picture of a cat is, it takes away from the value of what I want from my social media accounts. This is only being increased by the ads that are all over these sites. It is only a matter of time before a new blank slab social media website takes over.

  3. I definitely agree with this! Social media when I first got it was to stay in touch with friends and share stuff with them. Now it is about who and what can get the most likes…..definitely used for attention now! As for businesses, it gives them an edge in getting in touch with their customers or the brand loyalist. I don’t think it will go back to what it is suppose to be and the attention seekers will increase with time other wise if they are not getting the attention they want, they will move on to another social media site.

  4. Popular social media platforms are free thus they thrive off their user base. These platforms are responsive to user behavior and are perpetually updating to remain attractive to users. This being said we as users inherently have made social media what it is today. Businesses, as they do in all formats are just trying to respond to our behavior and go where their consumers are. The behavior of business has not changed, our behavior has.

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