Help! Too many pictures to search through…

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’d share my problem that once you start scrolling through all the pictures 2-3 hours have past. Don’t deny that this hasn’t happened to’s inevitable. But when I want a quick idea for an outfit for the day as I’m scrambling to find something to wear, I find it annoying sometimes that I have irrelevant content appearing in my search. For example, I recently bought a pair of maroon pants and I wanted to find an outfit that would compliment the pair. Granted yes I got some ideas but some posts relating outside the scope of fashion appeared which didn’t have anything to relate to maroon or pants.

However, now Pinterest is incorporating a new search feature that helps users, like me, navigate through the sea of images.  Introducing Guided Search, this product allows for users to filter their search by adding filters that is relevant to the original search term. The example given in the article is the best way to describe how it works:

For example, searching for “hairstyles” will now provide filters like “wedding,” “round face,” or “short hair.” Users searching for “burgers” may see filters like “vegan” or “easy recipes.” The filters can be added or removed without leaving the search results page, and appear on mobile as visual tiles below the search bar.”

This product will only be available for the mobile app so far, no date has been released for the web version.

Along with Guided Search, Pinterest plans to roll out custom categories which allows for users to add pins to categories that didn’t previously exist. Personally I find this a little too overbearing because there’s already  a lot of defined categories so how many more do you need? And soon people would just be making categories for the most random thing…Cat, Plant, Yellow School bus…I’d have to see for myself how this would be adopted. Maybe this would increase visibility or just more mayhem.



3 thoughts on “Help! Too many pictures to search through…

  1. To be honest I do not use Pintrest and probably never will. I personally already thought this feature was already implemented but my negligence gets the best of me here. I personally think the more filters you are given the better and this will hopefully reduce your problem significantly. Although, I can totally see this failing and just annoying users even more by still not providing the correct content you are seeking. Or I foresee users getting more frustrated that the filters are just syphoning out too much and still not achieving the results you desire. I think over time and as the algorithm takes time to figure its self out things will improve and your sea of pictures will diminish and the amount of valuable time spent on Pintrest will decrease as well.

  2. I only ever use Pinterest as a brainstorming tool when planning an event or when I feel the need to wade through a sea of wedding dresses. These new filters could really help with event planning though. For example if I’m planning a baby shower for a boy that is safari theme it would be convenient to get that specific with the search.

  3. I use Pinterest the same way you do so I’m happy to hear this news! I find that a lot of the same pictures are repeated or on the top of the search when they aren’t really related to what I am looking for. These additional filters will be extremely helpful and definitely be user friendly. I can’t wait to use them and take advantage of the ability to use Pinterest easier.
    As for the additional categories, I’m with you…no more are needed. I think it’ll just add clutter and unnecessary pins if not organized correctly.
    It’s good to see Pinterest working hard at improving! They are a great company and I see them being around for awhile!

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