5 Tips for Live Tweeting Tips Efforts

I like how twitter makes you tweet something you had in mind or seeing/doing something. There are a lot of TV shows today and many people live tweet during the show. Some people may not have engaged in the conversation with others with their lack of wording in their tweet. This article shows 5 tips to help you live tweet better. Of course, Hashtags are the first to advise to tweet because its the main reason for twitter. As I look into it, It is pretty much common sense but it helps tweeters! Live tweeting is fun but it overloads peoples newsfeed!!





2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Live Tweeting Tips Efforts

  1. I have heard the overdoing the hashtags has the reverse effect. You should always use them but never exceed 3 a tweet. Twitter treats that negatively and makes you less searchable.

  2. Interesting tips. I do tend to get annoyed with excessive live tweets though. I think some companies do a good job of it though if its funny and catches my attention such as Oreo. They do a good job of tweeting such as during the Superbowl in normal amounts and makes it worth following them.

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